Doctor Limos (?Human?)

Doctor Limo climbed the stairs to the holding cell. He felt the augmentation he had onto his neck. Humans had been hunting the Nosferatu for quite some time. Mostly out of fear. Rational fear--but fear that really did not help any.

He enters his code onto the door. He had chosen it due to how easy it was to enter.

In the room was a nosferatu/human hybrid. It was to be expected. The virus only changed the DNA to a certain level. Not enough to disable cross breeding. The commander's daughter was in there. Dr. Limos shows his badge. It was a small Pyramid with an open eye on it, with a sunburst in the background.

Dr. Limos enters the cage, barely pushing the commander's daughter aside, "science work--do not, I repeat, do not get in the way. Do not retaliate. I am capable of handling myself."

Dr. Limos, looked at the young girl, "you look like you may be hungry," Dr. Limos said as he bared his augmented neck. He had done his best to simply make it appear that his neck looked simply like a thicker neck. Around it was a genetically grown item on his neck that only had minor prosthetics to hold it on. "I trust they were not too rough on you?"

The End

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