Janelle: Rubble

The human hunters came in ruthlessly, they took Violet, Luke, Marcus and whoever else. One moment I was just standing there, chatting then, BAM! I was flung against the cold, hard wall, leaving me breathless - which for me is odd.

I fall to the ground, eyes half closed as the rubble falls on my small body. Through little holes I could see them take the others away, I saw a sympathising human take Violet, then nothing. I presume a larger brick fell, leaving a rippling effect going through and bashing the bottom of my neck.

I thought thought there were more, like seven or something.

There is, several males and females.

I think we have all of the males and most of the females.

Yeah, no sugar puffs, Mark.

Shutit you.

The only thought running through my head as I slipped into unconiousness was, Oh crapsticles, can they communicate through their minds?!?! Then I was asleep for the first time in over 7oo years.

The End

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