Ellicia (human)

"Dont do this!"

"I have to Ellicia, we have to stop these monsters before they kill us all"

"But father! what do you know about the vampires have you ever met one? do you know what their truly like? their jus like us dad just-"

"I'll hear no more of this Ellicia! And no more sympathiser talk, I dont want you to go down with them!" I looked at the struggling vampire girl and the unconcious male, this is not right! I stormed off and looked at my bracelet 'Ellicia' it's hebrew for 'my god is my salvation.'

I waited until the engines started and jumped onto an SUV. I am not letting these vampires get brutally murdered, no matter what I will help them!


By the time we got to the institute I had already thought out a plan which consisted of 2 moves: stealth and Hypnosis...yeah.....people say my eyes are mesmerising and lets just say they dont know how right they are. I shadowed a new recruit Onick I think her name was...no...Onyx. I followed her to the specialy made vampire prison and listened to her talk to the vampires. "Excuse me Onyx and why would you help vampires if your a hunter?"

"Oh crud. The commander's daughter"

The End

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