Onyx (human)

We had heard of the vampires still living around us. We found their hideout and just as we were about to brea down the door, they did it for us. I had never seen one up close, I had just gone through the Hunters school. I had heard vile things of them. Some stories were told of them ripping humans and half-bloods limb from limb just to get their blood. But as I saw this coven of vampires, they looked nothing of like in the stories. People would say that they lived alone, that they were very selfish creatures. When they would live together and hunt together they would kill each other over their precious blood. But these vampires were different. Fear streaked their eyes as if it would be the end, and it was, for them.

I had held back a little, but as John carried away a sandy blonde boy a elfin looking girl came and tackled him. Her jet black hair flew all over the place as John barked orders.

"Someone get her the hell off of of me," John yelled. I grabbed the girl from around the waist.

"Don't worry, I'll help you," I whispered. I didn't want them to get hurt. Not after I had seen what she had just done.


The vampires were thrown into a cell at our base. I was in charge of watching them. The cell was made out of a very strong metal, it was almost invincible. Almost is the key word. There were no cameras, half-bloods and humans were strongly trusted with the rest of the Hunters. My onyx eyes, hence the name, were stairing at the elfin girl. She caressed the blonde boys head, he was still knocked out. I was the only one in the room, which was good.

I wakled over to the cell. The elfin girl glared at me. "Are you ok," I asked.

"We don't need help from you half-blood," she spat. I took the keys out of my pocket and dangled them in the air. They all looked up.

"I just want to help."

The End

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