Mistor Poros, Employer of Doctor Limos.

Doctor James Limos was out of his lab for once. It was not normal. He had been brought out by his employers. They were annoying him more and more.

"Have you created the cure for nosferatu yet?" says his employer, Mister Poros.

Dr. Limos pulls out a small HTC device and hits a few entries on the screen. The display screen brings up a comparison biology chart of Humans and Vampyrs--complete with a simple diagram of a basic variant of the nosferatu virus. "It is not a simple matter of that. The virus does something odd. It targets the DNA of the creature. As you can see, their digestive system is rather wildly modified. This may explain why they may appear dead before taking on the complete state. The change usually accompanies with a large amount of endorphines released into the brain. This explains why some people enjoy the shift--rather than feel the large amount of pain that would normally be involved."

"Can it be cured."

"It does not need to be." Jim hits a few buttons on his HTC, bringing up a few more displays. "It seems that all they really need from the blood is food. Nutrients that their digestive system will make them sick if they try to get from other places."

"That is disturbing--how can somebody live that way?"

"Well, you are not exactly a Vegan yourself. Very far from it."

"So, if we are not going to cure it--does this mean we are to kill them?"

"With all due respect, Mister Poros, your brown skin would have gotten similar sentiment a few centuries ago."

"Your starting to irritate me Doctor..."

Jim hits a few items on his display, "I am currently working on a form of blood farm. That is a series of stem cell research and cloning relate works here. We simply take a few cells, and encourage them into healthy blood cells. Containing everything they need to work and operate with--and be productive in their lives."

"I will prepare a team of hunters. Their express orders will be to capture and detain--avoiding any casualties."

"I will ask the subjects how the hunters treated them. We do not want to get off on a bad start."

"Doctor Limos, as much as you want to solve this problem--remembering what happened to your wife--it seems you just have a personal vendetta here. The hunters are only there to do their job. You are dismissed"

Dr. Limos exits the office, pulls out a small locket. His wife's locket. Damn hunters--she was not a monster. He looks at the picture of his late wife, and walks down the hallway.

The End

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