"We need a plan," I hear Marcus say, as I stand next the basement door, ear pressed to it. I close me eyes in concentration, trying to hear the humans' thoughts; the Vampires' thoughts, words and actions float away into the distance as I concentrate.

I alsolet my senses creep out of the door, searching for the humans. Hear vampires.... Come out come out, where ever you are. I hear a human think evily, his sould so close to the door, that I jump back in fright. I loose my balance and fling my arms out to the side to try to stay a float.

All of my sense come back to me, floating around a 100meter radius of me. The human is just out side, I relax a little; big mistake, I fall down the stairs soundlessly. I don't scream, that'll just draw too much attention to us; I do land with an audiable thud.

"Flippin''eck, that hurt."

"Good," Marcus says, I roll my eyes and pull myself up. "You could have made everyone notic us, and then what'll have happened? 'Eh?" he asks, folding his arms on his chest, everyone else does the same.

"Yeah Janelle, Gawd, you're so clumsy!" Emily says, a little b*tchier than she normally does. I smile, shakeing my head.

"What's so funny?" Marcus says, gritting his teeth and standing up; Violet shoots me daggers, obviously also agreeing with Marcus and Emily. "You could have got us killed!"

"Well, for starts, I did... NOT," I force out, "Get their attention, they are still examoning upstairs... spending a little too long in my room," I pull a face and Lilian laughs. "Secondly, saying that they could kill us is, admit it, quite ironic."

"No, it's not." Marcus controdicts.

What a buffon. "Well then, the fact that I call it ironic, is ironic in it's self then isn't it?"

He forces out a laugh, "How immiture of you," he mocks.

"How arrogant of you," I mimic his mocking tone.

"Why you little, I am the eldest here-"

"By two and a half hundred years! That's all!"

"Exactly," he says, "Even Raider's older than you."

"Hey!" Raider says looking pissed off.

I grit my teeth, pushing my auburn hair out of my eyes. "Y' know, you really are one arrogant, mother-"

"If you continue that sentance, I swear-"

"You swear what? You'll beat me up? Per-lease, you wouldn't 'cause you'll be too preocupied with the possiblity of breaking a nail!"

"Oh No, you didn't," he squares down to my 5'8 height.

"WILL YOU TWO, STOP BICKERING!" Raider yells, making Marcus and I swirl around to face him. "Seriously, you're both doing my head in!"

I bite my lip to stop me from laughing. The younger vampires look up to us with wide eyes, "What a great example we're setting," I say laughing. Raider laughs, Marcus rearranges his jaw to stop himself from smiling.

"So, what are we going to do? I mean, it's not going to be long before they use their 'brains' and come to look for us down here!" I say, and they all look at each other. Great, I think dryly in my head.

The End

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