Trouble with Hunters

Violet played the piano and started singing again. Probably singing about her love for me, but I dind't really care to listen. I am far more important than a girl. Far more important than anyone really. I mean, just look at me!

"I'm thirsty. Luke better get back soon or else I'll have to resort to cannabilsm!" I say. "Of course that would be horrible for me. Sexy Marcus. Beoming a cannable! Seems like anythng could happen these days."

"Horrible for you!?" Emily screams standing up. "We'd be the ones who would be eaten you lunitic!" I just shrug it off. "And since when were you sexy?"

"Since the beginning ot time. Even before that." I say.

Then, with my extrodinary senses, I feel presence of another in our tavern.

"SHHHH! For a second," I tell everyone. Everyone just kind of turns to me. They all have this "oh-my-god-what-is-he-going-to-say-now?" expression on their faces. I have no idea why. "Don't you hear that?" Everyone listens closley. We all look at each other in fear, and run up the staires to the tavern kitchen. I see Janelle and some one else....

This was bad. Very bad.

There stood Luke. Actually he lay on the floor, and Janelle is looking down at him completely flabbergasted. He lay in a puddle of blood, and he is twitching. I hear a thud.

"Violet fainted," Raider says. "Bring Luke to the basement! He's a vampire so there is still a chance of his survival!" Lilian runs over to Luke and hoists him up on his back.

"We have bigger problems," Emily says in fear, and pointing at the doorway. The curtain is drawn, but I could smell them from here.

Humans. No. Worse.

Vampire Hunters.

The End

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