I trip over a disguarded jumper and loose my balance and fall with a thud to my floor, face banging on my desk as I fall. "Ow," I mutter rolling over rubbing my face and neck, cursing till the sun shines.

I finally lift myself, my iPod playing some dance rubbish, my old human friend added - when we were still friends. That's the worst thing about this 'new, clean world' it turns friends into enemies. Tears spring in my eyes, as I crawl to my iPod, turning it off as I rub the tears away.

I turn around, hearing muttering downstairs. I close my eyes, and cast out my senses. I feel Marcus, and shake my head at his thoughts. His senses are filled with his own self loving. "'Oh, I'm so handsome, look at me I'm so smart. La la la.'" I mimic in his voice.

I laugh to myself, wipeing away my new happier tears. I pull myself up, using my imaginary air bar. I change my top and stroll downstairs into the kitchen. I look around for something to eat, nothing, nada, zillprendo. I go to the glass cupboard, empty, not a single glass in the cupboard. I go to the tap, tipping my hand under and turning on the tap.

Hmmm, water. I think sarcastically, Nothing like it to quench one's thirst.

I turn around to the door as I feel a presence....

The End

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