As if Luke would come back. The human world is dangerous, and he would never survive. I should've gone. I know these streets like the back of my hand. Well who wouldn't if you've lived here for the past thousand years? I am the oldest here and proud of it. I'm also the smartest and strongest, not to mention handsomest. Who wouldn't love my mysterious stare, my black shagy hair that comes down to my shoulders, my white straight teeth, my bright blue eyes, my...

"Earth to Marcus," Emily says waving here hand in front of my face.


"You were going space cadet again," she glared at me.

"Sorry. I Was just thinking about the best thing in the world," I say, stretching my legs and arms.

"And what's that? or should I say, who's that?" Emily aks, already knowing who I am thinking about.

"Me, of course," I say with a smirk. Emily rolls her eyes. Hey, now that Luke isn't here. I flashed a sensual look Violet's way. She groaned and rolled her eyes.

"Don't be like that Vi-vi," I say, talking to her as if she were a baby.  I knew this voice and that cute nickname annoys the crap out of her. Two birds with one stone much? We then heard music thumping from upstairs. Shock expressions come over all our faces.

"It's just Janelle, don't worry about it," Violet says.

"Does she know about Luke getting some more blood vials?" Raider asks.

"Who knows, but honestly, I don't really care," I say with a smug look. Everyone glares at me. 

The End

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