Two little earwigsMature

Lyra touched me lightly as we both raised our heads and pricked up our ears. A snarl had been uttered just outside the window. Someone was listening to what we said. Lyra silently slid from the bed in to a crouching position, ready to attack. I waved my hand at her, instead bringing her back to me. I leant against her momentarily, as a sign that we were together in this, then went to the window.

"Why don't you come in? We won't bite... much." The much was uttered faintly, and I saw Lyra smile. A girl and a boy came in through the window, almost mirroring the others movements. I could sense they were together, mated. And vampire. Lyra could sense it too. "So, to what do we owe this delightful visit from two little earwigs? Speak carefully now," I said as the girl opened her mouth, "Lyra will know if you are lying. And then I'll kill your boyfriend while you watch." Both of them hissed.

"We have heard your plans."

"Ah yes. And do you like what you have heard?"

"No. You will ruin our race single handedly if you continue to proceed the way you have. We need humans to survive."

"Yes. Did you hear us say we were going to destroy them all?"

" but..."

"Ah, but you have not heard our plan then. We intend to hold the humans... almost like they hold animals."

"You... you would keep and breed them like pigs and cattle?"

"They hunt us and kill us. Do not tell me you feel sorry for them."

"I think we come from them, so we cannot hurt our past and future."

"I'm sorry you feel that way."

"What are you going to do? Kill us?" I looked at Lyra and she smiled, stepping forward and wrapping her arm around my waist.

"We are the Queen's of Blood. That does not mean we kill our own kind. It would be a shame to rid the world of two such fine specimens." Lyra's voice was soft and hypnotising. The two visably shuddered at her voice. A singer in her human years, Lyra had always enchanted people. With her vampire prowess she had grown in to one of the most enchanting beings in this world, and just by speaking to her, many people were under her control for a long while. These two were not, but they could still feel the ultimate power of her enchantment.

"It all depends on you really." I spoke quietly. "As long as you do not try and stop us, there should be no problem."

The End

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