Vitani: WaitMature

Pinned flat against the abandoned house I listened to the conversations, following two females one named Lyra, and another I was not sure of.  I was standing on a tree that leaned very close to the wall. I heard them speaking of a vampire hunter and other vampires. I listened as hard as I could and heard about ten more vampires, although there could've been more. I snarled. If this female was creating vampires, then those vampires had to feed. Vampires are greedy, most do not share, and if she's a bad vampire- which I could already tell she was- she taught her vampires to either kill or change. I figured that she was the head vampire in this group, so she was the only one to change humans. 

Ryan was on the opposite side of me, being so quiet sometimes I forgot he was there. He was older than me by twelve years(vampire years, not human years. Technically I'm eighty years old, but when I was changed when I was seventeen. He was changed when he was eighteen, but is ninety-two.) He looked mad, but was still quiet. How can they do that? I hope that vampire slayer finds them. Foolish.  I heard him think. Since Ryan and I were so close, we decided to be mated and bond meaning we could find each other no matter we were and could communicate telepathically. The only bad thing about our bond is if I don't want him to find me, he can anyway.

Not many vampires bond, mostly because not many vampires mate, they say it's too much of a human thing. I agreed, loving was a human emotion. Most vampires didn't feel anything, they had trained themselves to be heartless. I myself tried to feel as much as possible, which sometimes annoyed Ryan. 

Speaking of Ryan, he broke my train of thought with a loud snarl. I rolled my eyes, knowing we were going to be spotted. "Nu te enerva atât de uşor, dacă faci cel puţin, să fie liniştită." I hissed in romanian, most vampire's native tounge. I had said Do not get angry so easily, if you do at least be quiet.  Ryan tended to be loud when he was upset or angry, something he's been trying to work on.

They want to take over the world! He told me and I rolled my eyes. Let them try, if they do no humans shall be left, they would still be foolish and drink till the death, or turn our only foodsource. They do not know the consequences, we do. That's why we are the smarter vampires.  I reassured him watching him calm down. Now we wait for them to try to kill us, but then notice we are the same race. Let me do all the talking, I don't want you to say something stupid.  I relaxed and did as I had told him I would do: wait.

The End

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