"Do you see? That is what happens if you are not careful." I was watching the girl staking a vampire. He was unknown to me, which meant he was not important, but it still hurt me. If I didn't have Darren with me, I'd have gone down to kill her myself. Darren was staring down in fear at where the vampire had been moments ago. "Come on, we must move swiftly in case she sees us."

We ran, intent on making our way to my safehouse. There was no sound of us being followed, but I made Darren stop and check several times, so that he would learn. I took him the long way, just incase. We finall reached the house, and entered through the back door.

"Follow me." I motioned to Darren and we ran silently upstairs. I paused in front of a door and turned to Darren. "Do not be alarmed. I have been here for many years, so do not expect there to be only a few of you." He looked intrigued, so I opened the door. Eyes snapped round to meet us.

"Hello my dears. This is Darren, and he will be staying with us." I motioned for Lyra to come forward. She uncurled her long limbs and strode towards us. Lyra was my favourite among the group, because she was very good at keeping everyone under control, and also very skilled. She was tall and had ashy blonde hair, and she was so thin and delicate you'd think you could snap her in two, but she was incredibly strong and powerful. "Lyra."

"Shizuma." She kissed my cheek then turned to Darren. "A good choice."

"Yes. I thought so. You will teach him the rules?"

"Of course. Darren, go and stand with that girl there. Her name is Tanya." She pointed at Tanya, a small, dark haired vampire. Darren wandered towards her.

"Let us walk." I said to Lyra. We walked silently down the hall until we reached my room. I shut the door. "There are vampire hunters here." Lyra suddenly became alert.

"You have seen them?"

"Smelt and seen. A girl stabbed a vampire right in front of Darren and I. There were others not far behind." I sat on the bed and Lyra followed suit. She stroked my hair.

"But you were not seen?"

"Of course not."

"Then we should be safe if we keep our heads down for a while."

"Enchanting and intelligent. I wondered why I kept you." I grinned and took her hand. "You Lyra are my successor. No matter how many vampire I make, you will be the one that leads them to victory if I am finished."

"That will not happen. You are to powerful."

"Possibly. But it only takes an equally powerful hunter and a piece of wood to finish me. Then you will take over. You practically run everything anyway. I am just the provider."

"I only do what I do for you." I smiled and lay down.

"I know Lyra. You are my strength and my support. You and I will rule the world one day, and the humans will bow to us, the two Queens of Blood."

"The two Queens of Blood." She lay next to me and put her hand on mine. "Together, we shall rule the world."

The End

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