Vicky: SlainMature

My eyes lingered on the figure below me who was completely oblivious to the fact that I was not much farther away from him.

He skulked amongst the shadow, trailing his prey, playing with his food. I felt an instant disgust for this vile creature and longed to end its life, however I had to be tactful and wait. Patience was an essential key. 

The disused warehouse building I was now perched on agilely allowed me the perfect viewing spot, I could see him but he couldn't see me. He moved with unnatural grace and speed, keeping to the darkness of the alleyway, so as to build suspension for his prey.

I hopped down lightly onto the lower section, running parallel to him. Of course, he was much, much quicker than I was but I was still pretty fast for a human and I managed to keep up with him without breaking a sweat.

He turned a corner sharply and I cursed under my breath. I had not been anticipating this. I ran over to the concrete steps leading into the building and raced through the empty corridor, down more flights of steps and through the heavy double doors at the end. It lead straight onto the alleyway and I automatically slinked back, aware that he could reappear at any given moment.

However, he was entirely focussed on his victim and did not return. I took tentative footsteps round the same corner, my weapon clutched desperately in my grip. I was vaguely aware of a constant dripping sound as the rain water hit the dirty ground, probably trailing out of a pipe somewhere. I was also very much aware of my own frantic heartbeat, hammering away wildly against my chest. I wondered briefly if he could hear it and did my best to calm myself down taking deep, steady breaths.

Where were the others? Surely they should have intervened by now. Part of me wanted to hang back and wait for them, but I shook my head in determination and started forward again. I could do it by myself; I'd show them I was worthy.

The next section of the seemingly never ending alleyway greeted me with a towering brick wall. My face fell in dismay. I had lost him. Dammit.

'Hello,' someone murmured behind me.

I whirled round, my stake raised high in the air.

He had ambushed me! How could I have been so stupid?! He was a vampire, of course he was going to kill me. He probably knew I was following him this entire time and he had herded me to this inescapable, desolate area with complete and utter ease.

Suddenly, before I could really register what was happening, he was in front of me. His face was blank, impassive, but I could have sworn I saw a faint trace of amusement in his eyes.

'May I ask why you are following me? Surely it's not possible to be that stupid...'

I rose my chin indignantly, a natural reaction and he chuckled icily. He looked just like any average man. Tall, dark hair, clear gray eyes. The only thing that distinguished him from the living was his ethereally pale skin. It wasn't just a normal "need-to-stay-in-the-sun-longer" complexion, it was unnatural. Completely white. Like freshly fallen snow.

He stepped closer to me and I automatically took a step backwards. I tried my best to work up an expression of total fear and defeat, like an animal who knew it was about to die. I was suddenly pressed up against the wall, the cold bricks dug into my shoulder blades. He was inches away from my face.

He seemed to inhale, shutting his eyes and moaning softly.

'Delicious,' he murmured.

His lips pulled back over his teeth and he tilted his head slightly, allowing the silvery moonlight to get me a good glimpse of his razor sharp fangs.

It was now or never.

I brought my hand up and with one, sharp jerking motion I had plunged the stake into his chest. He grunted, eyes bulging in pain. And then he was gone. A sound, soft like the wind whistled past my ears as his body disintegrated into ash, falling to the cold, concrete floor.

The End

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