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Vitani Hope

My eyes looked around the movie theatres. I was sitting next to my vampire boyfriend, Ryan. We had just finished feeding and I wanted to watch a movie. Usually after we feeded we'd play putput or a random human activity. We tried to be as human as possible, and when we feeded we didn't suck the human dry. We called ourselves "humane vampires" since we choose to not kill or turn our food.  We both didn't want to be turned, we both had a lot to live for, and it was taken away from us without us getting asked. We don't want that for other people, unless they ask, and who would want this life?

The movie we were watching was about a man who says he's married to get women. It was pretty boring, but being a vampire and all I get distracted easily. I had ADHD as a human, and it was only made worse when I turned. I looked at the bright light casting the movie onto the screen. You could see the movie in the lens if you had good eyesight, which I did. I sighed and laid my head down on Ryan. I wasn't tired, I was just bored. He could tell, I saw it in his eyes.

When I was human I could read people's body language and facial expressions, so now I can do it even better than I could before. Sometimes it's good, other times it feels like I know too much. People lie to hide things, maybe they are supposed to be hidden.

Ryan kissed my forehead and smiled. "You're bored." He whispered into my ear. It was so quiet if he had whispered it into a human's ear they wouldn't have been able to hear it. I nodded and smiled.

 "Watch the movie, I'll contain myself." I said with a wink. I closed my eyes and went into my own little world. I was in this world more than fifty percent of the day. In my world I was human. No one died, everyone loved each other. Paparazzi actually listened to celebrities and stopped taking pictures when they asked, friends never fought. It was the perfect world, but wasn't real. If only.

The End

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