Shizuma Mytaki

I pressed my back against the stone wall, breathing in through my nostrils to catch the scent of the human I was hunting. He was good looking with abs and surfer looks, and I had smelt him from a mile away. I turned the corner and saw him leaning against the wall next to the door to the club. He was looking at the girls that were entering, checking out each one. I smiled. Obviously a player. Well let's see if he takes the bait.

I strutted around the corner, ignoring the queue of people and going straight to the front. Complaints sounded but I ignored them, flashing the bouncer a smile so that he would let me in. I paused at the door and looked at the guy. He was staring at me. I beckoned to him and stalked in.

He came up to me at the bar and offered to buy me a drink. I shook my head, instead making him follow me to a back door. I leant against it provocatively.

"What's your name handsome?" I asked, pulling him close.

"Darren. What about you beautiful?"

"Katie." Always use a false name in case they get away. "You wanna pop outside?" I practically heard his brain yell 'Score!'. He nodded and I pulled him through the door. I leant against the wall outside and waited for him to come closer. He swaggered up, very self confident, and put his hands either side of my head.

"So how do you wanna do this?"

"Well..." I kissed him, forcing myself as usual to savour this before... "We can do it like this."

I threw him against the wall opposite and watched him groan on the floor. Then I pulled him up, pressed him against the wall and kissed his neck. He fought to push me away as I licked the skin covering the vein, but I was like rock, unmovable. I felt my fangs slide out and sink in to his flesh, penatrating the vein and allowing the blood to flow freely on to my tongue. I savoured the taste, warm, wet and tangy. He struggled again, a cry escaping from his lips. I slid my fangs from his neck and they retracted.

"Now, what to do with you handsome. Should I turn you, or should I drink you dry?" His eyes were wide, like a rabbit in a headlight. "It'd be a pity to waste your looks  I think, but will you like drinking blood? I can't have one of these weaklings who loves humans next to me." I considered him for a moment. "Why not? I can always destroy you if you start weakening on me." I slit my own wrist and forced it on his mouth, making him drink. He struggled for a moment, then his eyes darkened and he sucked hungrily. I cut him off when his eyes had darkened fully, meaning that he was almsot vampire. "Well hello there."

"I am vampire?"

"Almost honey. You just need to feed on another human to finish the transformation. And I have the perfect thing for you." I pushed away the bin and unveiled the girl I had killed earlier. "Dig in." I watched as he guzzled her blood. It was quite disgusting the way new borns fed. He would have to learn fast; this was not the time to be careless with your food.

He finished his snack and turned round, the blackness fading from his eyes and returning to their original blue.

"Welcome to my world." I said, wiping the blood from his lips and sampling it myself. "Now follow me, you have a lot to learn."

The End

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