The Last VampiresMature

A collab between me, Stargazer and Jordiepop14, plus anyone else that wants to join cos tbh we need more people :')

Vicky Marshall

I used to be a relatively normal teenager.

I went out, had fun, argued with my parents a little, anything that a "normal" teenager was considered to do. Despite the arguments though, I had a fantastic relationship with both my mother and my father. We were all incredibly close which was strengthened by the fact that I hardly ever saw my brother so it was like I was an only child. 

This all changed however on Thursday 9th October at precisely 8.06pm. I remember the exact time because I can recall gazing at the clock on the mantelpiece, watching the seconds slowly ebb away silently praying they would hurry the hell up. It was now 8pm and my parents friends still hadn't left. They were in that process of just reaching the door and then remembering another 'interesting' and 'highly amusing' anecdote to laugh about. I had to stay downstairs so as not to be rude, but I was extremely bored. 

'Oh well, you must come round again,' I remember my mother laughing, me silently thinking No, you must not.

'It's been nice to see you both,' Melissa turned around to smile at us all, her soft red curls wavering in the night air. I didn't mind Melissa. Melissa was actually very sweet, it was just her husband who was about as interesting as a plank of wood. 

'Goodnight, drive safely!' My father called before shutting the door.

'Well that was fun,' I called sarcastically. 

'Don't be so rude Vicky. It was lovely seeing them after so long.'

'Oh yeah, couldn't you see me? I could hardly contain my excitement..'

Dad suppressed laughter whilst mum glared at him.

'Don't encourage her Mark.' 

At 8.02pm, the doorbell rang. 

'Get that, would you Vicky?' 

I sighed and crossed the room, into the hallway and flung the door open. Before me stood a guy, possibly my age give or take a few years, gazing back at me with something that I could only describe as sheer curiosity. He was an unfamiliar character, handsome in his appearance but eerie in his stance. Jet black hair framed a pale face and piercing blue eyes. He looked tall, six foot three perhaps and his head was inclined slightly, as if he were trying to figure me out.

'Um, may I help you?'

'Yes,' the boy smiled. 'I suppose you can.'

I can't tell you exactly what I felt within those next few moments as I don't really remember what happened. All I know was that my mind sort of...blanked. One minute I was staring at the guy, the next he was in my living room. I had no recollection of how that had happened, I didn't remember inviting him in at all. 

'Who's this?' my mother appeared at the bottom of the stairs. As I allowed time for my mind to recover, the boy's head turned sharply to my mum's waiting figure and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of her. He placed his hands on either side of her face, as if he were going to kiss her. 

A jerking motion, followed by the most stomach-churning snap determined the path I was later going to follow. My mother crumpled to the floor, like an old rag doll, her head hung at an awkward angle.

I could only stare, completely uncomprehending. It didn't occur to me then that he hadn't allowed me to feel grief or remorse for my mother's death. At the time it just felt as though none of this were real, I was in some sort of dream and that everything was secretly okay.

I vaguely remember my father coming out of the kitchen, wiping his hands on a dish towel. A noise like a wounded animal soon followed and again, the boy had moved with the speed of lightening and the grace of an animal. 

I turned around slowly, feeling as though my bones had gone soft and I was due to collapse at any given moment. The boy repeated the process with my father and once again I watched him die. I watched him fall to the floor, still completely unable to feel anything.

It was only later that it would all rush up to me.

The boy came to stand in front of me. He towered over me and had the look of a crazed animal in his cold, uncaring eyes but I could feel no fear. Only this dreamlike state. I gazed up at him, waiting for him to speak. He was due to speak, I knew it.

'Your fate has been decided,' he whispered. And then he was gone. And I was left alone with the bodies of my two dead parents.


The End

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