The Last Vampires

Humans have killed almost all of the vampires on this Earth. Now only a group of seven vampires remain. They must live in hiding or else they will be tortured and killed.

When my life began, a death sentence was casted upon us. We were all killed with out even a second thought. We are now on the same rank as misquitos. No one  would care if we disapeared. To them all we do is drink blood. To them we are souless beings.   Now only me, and 7 other vampires remain. Violet, Marcus, Luke, Janelle, Emily, Raider, and I, Lilian.

"We are running out of blood vials." Violet said as she drunk out of one. I could see the blood through the glass. It made me thirst for it. The thick delicousy, the way it felt as it went down my throat.

"Which meens we'll have to go up there and get some more," Emily added as she sat and looked up at the black cieling of this empy used tavern.

"We will soon, but we have other things to worry about," Marcus said. We all agreed. The humans will eventual discover us. Eventually, but until then we will just have to stick together.   

The End

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