Zane could tell that his teaching needed to be redefined as he watched her struggle with the positions. It was hard to teach these movements that were now a natural thing to Zane. Yet he could sympathize with Layla he too had problems getting the stances to be more second nature.  Layla did progress fairly well in the last days, which came as a surprise to Zane. It was like she was getting extra lesson from someone, which was possible, but he would think if someone had offered that to her they would have asked him about it. Even Jasper would should have the honor to do that. Zane tried another way of getting those stances down by giving her the names of each one then shouting them out slowly speeding up, this two was difficult but she was starting to get better. Zane then progressed to teach her which stances were best against types of moves one can expect from an opponent this skill would take time, and Zane knew this was best learned through experience. Zane also constantly reminded her that if one thought to much in battle they would be overcome.  Layla progressed through the lesson at the end showing quiet a lot of growth from the beginning of that particular training session, for the first time Zane felt a little bit of pride in the training session figuring this time he did make some leeway and progressed her skills. Still something bothered him and he couldn't put his finger on what that was exactly.

He put on his ever so popular smile, and greeted those he saw, while preparing his next lesson plan with Layla. Zane envisioned taking her to the0 forest to train in a less enclosed and more natural setting. All though he questioned if this was more for his or her benefit; he really needed to escape the rock walls, he really wanted to smell the fresh smell of the pine trees and hear the trickle of nearby brooks, as well as see the light filter down through the pines of the of the trees. Plus the bonus's of not having all these people around was quite a luxury especially after spending many months trekking around the mountains had become one of the things Zane had grown to love.  The benefit for Layla would be less people, training in a more natural surrounding providing different type of experience, getting to know some of terrain around her, and most of all maybe a break from this place. Maybe she didn't need one, but it was also a possibility that she did, either way Zane saw that it would be a positive thing to get her out of the cave and into the open.

Still he would have to okay it with Ceri whom he didn't feel like talking to lately in fear of hearing that he had been supervised a couple times for his training sessions and his teaching skill was inadequate or something. His proposition would come again later for the time being he needed to find something to do that would not only entertain him, but keep him out of trouble while allowing him to pursue a anti social behaviour that he had begun developing because he had a lot on his mind. Such as the ongoing things happening outside these walls, how he was going to train Layla, dealing with Jasper who seemed to be constantly lingering in the corners watching him, then there was those other newcomers durn, and that girl. Zane felt obligated to keep an eye on them since that incident in the dining hall.  Zane could tell just by the way that man moved that he was skilled in combat but not just only skilled but dangerous, the man appeared to have a sharp mind to. One that Zane easily admitted out matched his own; then again he had always prized his ability to have a bit of both worlds, intellect and brute strength. Still this made Zane even less sure of this man. Was he telling the truth? If no, why? and if no what was he hiding? Did he or did he not have good reasons in hiding it? What if he were to get close to this man?  Maybe that was what he needed to do. Which of course deviated from his plan of being anti -social but he had decided he was going to attempt to befriend this man and figure out his intentions, and what better choice than ask if said man would like to engage in the manly sport of drinking contest!  The idea began to warm his fake smile into a real one as he turned a to the right recalling that these days Durn was seen working with Erik learning the noble trade of blacksmithing.


The End

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