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Zane was happy to see Jasper go. It wasn't because he hated him or anything; it was his attitude that irritated him. His attitude of superiority around him was the first, and second was the fact the man never wound down he was always wound up. Zane had never seen the man relax since he had met him. Zane right fist hardened, what was with the short visit anyways? Was he trying to get a better look at Layla? It was hard to tell but Zane wouldn't be surprised if Jasper had found Layla attractive because she was indeed very attractive and he found it hard not to flirt with her while he talked. Zane let Layla finish up her meal before suggesting they continued perusing labyrinth of rock corridors that were still to be explored. 

"So you grew up here your whole life?" She asked quietly. 

"Yup I was born and raised here all I know of the world outside of these mountains is my mother's and Father's stories of the world before he came.  There are other guys like me that were born here, but there others like you who have escaped him and joined us... Like Jasper although he said he grew up in a town pretty close to here." Zane said his tone getting a little darker when he spoke about Jasper," Anyways on our right here is where the majority of us live were usually given a room shared with four others and one bathroom when we are single. However when we get married we get a more private room for..." Zane laughed foolishly, " Privacy reasons." He concluded, and over here if we follow this passage to the left there is the recreation rooms, were games will be played, combat training, or simply meeting up with some friends take place. I spend the majority of my time here when I’m not out on missions, as well as not drinking back in the dining hall." Zane said happily showing her the different rooms in the recreation area. 

"What do you do on missions?" Layla asked tentatively. 

"Hunt, scout the areas where the barrier is. Once or twice I have been ordered to explore the regions beyond the mountains to gather information about our enemy, but mostly moving between outposts giving them a hand on whatever needs to be done. Sometimes its also rescue missions getting back men who were sent to retrieve information and haven't reported back. Those are by far the most interesting of missions to partake in, usually involving some combat. I wish I could be put more into combative missions, I didn't offer my services to do menial tasks.... Not that I don't enjoy them or anything, I just know these mountains, these walls, these people all to well and sometimes the same old gets tiring. You know what I mean?" 

"I guess so." She replied. Zane wanted to ask her of her life from where she came from but held back feeling that was something she does not want to discuss and if she did she will talk about it with him at another time. 

"Alright so that’s pretty much it. I may have forgotten a few things but I will be here to help you till you get used to everything, and this leaves us with out last place. I'm sure Ceri will want to meet you. Ceri is the leader of the resistance so it's best if you put your strongest face on when your speaking to him even though he is intimidating. His room is this way come on." Zane said just as he turned around to receive a hard slap across the face.

"You idiot! Rin told me everything." The voice of a hysterical woman shrieked, " You could have been killed. What if she was an enemy warrior?"  The woman had striking blond hair, and intense blue eyes, her voice conveyed years of experience despite the fact her face looked fairly youthful, she was smaller than Zane but had similar muscle type. 

"Mum! I'm fine." Zane responded at the closest opportunity he was given to talk while Layla looked absolutely stunned. 

"You also disobeyed orders. You know they aren't put their just because Rin likes to show everyone he has control over his subordinates. They are there to protect lives. How are you supposed to survive if you decide to disobey them at every turn? Even your father as reckless as he was knew when to obey orders." 

"Yeah and he still ended up dead." Zane said with frustration, " I'm tired of being babied I don't need anyone's protection anymore. I'm twenty for heaven sake its my turn to protect. Please mum stop worrying about me for once. Also this is Layla, the girl I found. Layla this is my overprotective Mum Aria."

"Sorry dear I didn't see you there." Aria said realizing she had been completely rude, she held out her hand. To which Layla looked at confused. 

"It’s alright." 

"Layla you’re supposed to shake her hand that's how we greet people we haven't met yet." Zane said smiling. 

"Oh." She said a little confused but brought her hand up and shook Aria's hand. 

"Mum we really must be going. Ceri is probably expecting us." Zane said.

" Alright Zane take care of yourself, and remember that what happens to you also affects me and not just yourself. Layla make sure he keeps you out of trouble, trust me he may be friendly and all but under that is trouble maker I tell you." 

"Mum please say no more!" Zane said with a smile, " See you later mum.  Come on Layla before she poisons your mind with more lies about me." 

"Take care Zane." Aria called after them.

"She really must care about you." Layla commented. 

"Yeah to much, I watched the other kids for years be allowed leave the safety of the caves, and explore the outside, while she kept me here. Although I can't blame her after my dad had died, but still it was no way to react. Luckily when I was ten an older gentleman convinced her that I needed to learn how to wield a sword, because eventually I would serve for the resistance, and from there I slowly got to things that were not allowed to me before." Zane explained as they walked. The two turned around corner which lead to a fierce wooden door reinforced by steel and bolts, two large guards wearing fully plated armour with fur underneath it. They nodded towards Zane in a friendly fashion. 

"Orthore, Maevin." Zane greeted them. 

"Ceri has been expecting you and the girl. You better head straight in there Zane." Orthore said. 

"Alright."  Zane said pushing the wooden door revealing Ceri's chamber, the torches were burning a little brighter as Ceri sat in his throne, but yet his mood seem dark and brooding.

"Welcome, My name is Ceri Vankallen Leader of the resistance. What is your name?" 

"Layla." She said loudly but still with that tentative tone. 

"Layla, Im sorry that I cannot trust instantly so I will ask you some questions to make sure you are not a spy. Do you know what the sorcerer is looking for?"  Ceri said his deep voice piercing every surface of the chamber. 


"What kind of force was he putting together?"  Ceri drilled her hard almost as if he was reading every single word deciphering whether or not she was lying.

"One of men that are bent to his will, and spirits, I think." 

"What about the building that he resides in?" He said his voice even stronger than before.

"Sir with all due respect I doubt she has personally served the sorcerer." Zane broke in. 

"I did not give you permission to speak Zane. Layla please answer my question." 


The End

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