The RocksMature

Jasper Silver sat on a rock at the edge of HQ, slowly running a sharpening stone up the blade of his dagger as he sat watch in one of the tunnels. It was his best weapon, and already sharper than a razor, but sharpening it was more out of agitation than anything else. Jasper couldnt help but have the feeling things were going to go terribly wrong soon.

Suddenly, footsteps sounded and Jasper rose to his feet, only to realized that they were coming from the HQ end of the tunnel, not the outside. Not long after that, he recognized Zane Kobiano's voice, chattering happily away with someone as they came around a corner.

"...This is one of the tunnels leading out of HQ, its the main one, so it gets used a lot. Mostly by just us rebels though, its not often we get a newcomer--"

"Who's this?" Jasper asked, a little ticked at being ignored. Well, his clothes did blend into the rock pretty well.

"Oh, hi Jasper, didnt see you there." Zane said, pretending he wasnt surprised. Jasper could tell though.

"This the girl you found on the scouting trip?" Jasper asked, getting straight to the point and gesturing with his dagger at the girl standing beside and slightly behind Zane. At the sight of the knife, the girl shrank back a bit futher, her brilliant eyes blazed angrily, defensive.
"Guess you've been assigned to babysit her, huh?"

"Watch it." Zane's anger was evident, and his demeanor drastically changed from the happy tour guide he'd been three seconds ago. "At least I do get out much, how often have you left the rocks in the past year?"

Now it was Jasper's turn to bristle. "My responsibilities are here now." He said through gritted teeth.

"Right." Zane replied. "You're not just a coward because of what happened last time."

"What happened last time was not my fault." Jasper hissed sharply, brandishing his dagger at Zane now.

"Easy, whoa, calm down." Zane put his hands up. "Look, I'm just a little annoyed because I'm stuck down here until she," he hooked a thumb at the girl, "becomes acclimated. You know how that is."

"Yeah, I know." Jasper said, calming down and sheathing the weapon. "Get her out of the dark, Zane. Get back to what passes for civilization around here. I'll see you at dinner."

The two walked away and Jasper sat down on his rock again, before hurling a smaller stone as far and as hard as he could in the direction of outside. It clattered on the floor a long way away.

The End

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