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The wind blue violently through the ravine as three men traversed with the grey rocks, thier faces were mostly hidden behind a worn green cloth only revealing their eyes. One of them by the name of Zaane took the lead eagerly jumping through and around the obstacles. 

"Hold on Zane this is not a hunting expedition! We patrolling this area so take it easy!"

"Alright, alright!"Zane called back as he scrambled ontop of large granite boulder that over looked most of the Ravine. The wind picked catching his tattered grey cloak, as he surveyed the area looking towards the plains. His eyes flashed with excitement as he imagined one day crossing those plains fighting off the evil that held them. 

"Do you see anything?" One of the men called from below him. 

"No.. Wait! I think I see somebody down their!"

"On the plains!" The man shouted. 

" Sort of they could be outside of the barrier its hard to tell!" Zane replied before jumping down and charging through the boulders that littered the ravine.

"Zane! You can't just rush in! It might be an an enemy, or a trap! We should report back!" The man said with frustrated tone with the young man's apparent inability to take orders. 

"No! It could be an injured ally and if we go back now they could be dead by the time we come back. Besides I can handle it if it is an enemy!" He shouted back briefly stopping on one of the boulders below." 

"Fine then! Don't blame me if you find yourself in trouble!" The man bellowed turning back towards the interior of the mountain ravine while Zane darted in between the granite boulders. 

"Damn over cautious, cowards." He said to himself, he didn't like how overly cautious the rebel leaders were although he didn't blame them, but he personally felt that they needed to take action before the enemy did. Within a few minutes Zane had reached the bottom of the Ravine finding an unconscious girl with long black hair that ran down to her hips, that contrasted with her absurdly pale skin, and had a small half moon scar on her lips. Zane didn't recognize her, and she definitely wasn't wearing rebel clothing, leaving the only option that she was an outsider who escaped the clutches of the empire. Her head was bleeding, so Zane quickly reached into one of his pockets and gently wrapped bandaged her up before deciding to take her back to HQ, which was quite a distance away but could be managed once he met up with the others. 

Zane over the course of a few hours managed to clear the mountain ravine and was trekking across the mountain beautiful green mountain meadows that held spots of reds and blues from the few flowers that grew in it.  The meadow was protected by long sharp ridges that towered over  all of the features that the meadow had to offer. From the ridge to the right of alpine meadow stream a group of men headed towards the exhausted Zane carrying the unconscious women. 

"Who is she!" The man from earlier barked at him.

"I don't know. She isn't wearing usual rebel gear. I'm guessing she is a slave that escaped the empire, she was carrying this dagger." Zane said shuffling the woman's weight on his shoulder handing the knife over to the man who studied it for a moment. 

"Definitely from the empire, but she managed to cross the barrier so she does not have any evil intentions, for now we'll put her down near the metal shops. Derek, and Fin you will carry her for the rest of the way." 

"Thanks Rin, she is a lot heavier than she looks." Zane said his voice filled with exhaustion. 

"I wouldn't be thanking me yet. Captain is not to happy about what you did." Rin told Zane. 

"No harm, no foul. Nothing happened at the very least I may have found someone else to join our cause." 

" Well don't get to cocky around the captain I don't think he likes that kind of behaviour."  Rin Advised. 


Zane stood in a dark chamber deep inside the mountain there where two guards at the door and probably dozens more behind it, the chamber was filled with torches that’s light reflected off the smooth surfaces of the rocks. In front of Zane was a massive man that lead the rebels, he was well respected and perhaps even feared among them. 

"Why didn't you listen to your commanding officer?" He said as his deep voice filled the chamber seeming to make fires flutter. 

" I didn't feel there was any danger and felt that it was unnecessary to bring more men to aid one person." 

" I see but that still doesn't warrant disobedience. Rin was airing on the side of caution we cannot risk to expose ourselves or put ourselves in danger that is also unnecessary." He said underlining the word unnecessary. Zane struggled to hold back his distaste of this disciplinary action, but maintained a calm and understanding composure.

" I apologize for the possible endangerment of my comrades, and for the rest of the rebel forces. I won't let my thoughts and emotions jeopardize our efforts again." Zane replied struggling to believe he could follow through on his promise. 

"That is good but I not enough to be forgiven for your actions, so for now you will be responsible for that woman you found for the time being. Am I understood?" He said. 

"Clearly understood, sir." Zane replied with disdain he hated being confined in the rocks, being told to take the backseat while others risked their lives. 

"You are dismissed." 

"Thank you sir, I will go check on her now."  Zane said turning around sharply holding back his anger so no one else will see it, he had no choice but to respect the decision and showing distaste would be unwise. He navigated the maze like corridors filled with the voices of men and women, and the clanging of metal without issue he knew these corridors so well he could draw an accurate map of the rebel hide out. When he had arrived the woman was laying down but was tensed up seeming ready to lash out at him if he posed a threat. 

" You’re safe now, your in a rebel hideout deep in the mountains." He said as comforting as he possibly could, she relaxed a bit but kept an alert eye on Zane as he walked in closer, " You're lucky to have made it here, my Name is Zane Kobiano, what's yours?"  Zane said sitting against the wall adjacent to her, waiting for a response that would never come the girls blue eyes still watching Zane waiting for him to make a move.

"I guess you don't want to talk, that's understandable. Trust me though I mean you no harm, I may look tough but people say under all that I’m like an overly friendly dog." Zane said smiling hoping to gain a reaction from her, still nothing. He scratched his blond head racking his brains for something to do or say, and sighed, " I have been ordered to take care of you so you’re going to be seeing a lot of me for a bit so don't feel like you have to say anything now. How about I take for a tour of the place? Would you like that?" 


The End

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