The Boss's New PlanMature

Maximus Wayde

Seeing Briony lying there in a hospital bed, weak and defenseless, made me realize the extent to which I cared about her. The moment that bullet had lodged itself inside her, my heart just seemed to die away. Suddenly, the bloodlust I had to kill the man responsible for her injury was insane. All that had happened since that moment had been but a mere frenzy to me. I'd dealt with Joe, the police had come to investigate, and Briony and Joe had been taken away in an ambulance with Harriet by her side while I'd been held back for questioning,

Boss hated it when the SIS mixed up with the police. He called them them 'nosy little no-goods'. The police had quite a reputation within the SIS for messing up our every plan whenever they got the chance, and in this case, we'd given it to them. Boss had a good reason to be pissed and he was directing most of his anger towards me.

At a point in time, Briony had drifted off to sleep once again with her hand still in mine. I could just sit there forever and look at her. The way her hair cascaded just a little past her shoulder, covering half of her face, the rise and fall of her chest as she slept peacefully, and that small smile tugging the corner of her lips. She was beyond beautiful and I felt my heart stir inside of my chest. 

That was when the door swished open and I looked up to see Boss, his tawny eyes fixed on me. The guy had no sentiment as he all did was crook his finger at me, letting me know he wanted to see me right now. With a sigh, I let go of Briony's hand and placed it to her side before quietly making my way out the hospital room.

There he was. Standing a few inches shorter to me yet looking as furious as a vulture that had missed its meal of the century. "Wayde," he drawled, his tone containing a fury that would soon be lashed out on me.

"I know, I know," I said, raising my hands up by my side. "I screwed up big time but I'll make up for it." 

"And how do you plan on doing that mastermind?"

I bit down on my lip, unsure. Yeah, he got me there. 

"Now shut your pie hole and listen to me Maximus. You do as say from now on." I hated following orders but I pursed my lips, knowing I didn't have much of a choice here. "Their gang doesn't know who's their leader, they don't know anything about the mess that happened here today. So twist the story your own way." 

I frowned, confused. "What do you mean?"

Boss's lips finally pulled up into a smile, and an evil one at that. "Make yourself the leader. And Joe, the enemy."  

The End

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