Max to the RescueMature

Maximus Wayde

Being part of the SIS is fun, especially for a daredevil like me. I adore adventure, and I love the moment when I can pull out my gun and finally use it on the villain of the scenario. And in that moment, after all the car chases and avoided punches, this feeling of triumph just washes over me as a "you're-going-to-be-sorry" grin plays out on my lips. However, that was not even close to how I felt when I heard what Briony said. 

"My last bullet or yours." There was not an ounce of uncertainty in her voice, not one. Harriet knew where I was, and as I peered just slightly over the edge of the window, her eyes flickered away from Briony's face to meet mine. It was then that a few things happened that my mind was too quick to process. 

With no time to waste, I heaved myself through the open window and into the apartment, my feet landing heavily on the ground. Joe's good leg shot up and kicked the gun out of Harriet's hand who'd been distracted. The gun went flying through the air but with a sudden bout of strength, Joe stood up and caught it. My eyes widened when I realized what was about to happen but before he could get the chance, I aimed a shot at his left hand. All the years of practice had paid off as I disarmed him. The gun went flying away, somewhere to the other side of the room. I ducked, just as he cursed quite foully and fired right at me with the weapon he had left.

Crouching behind the couch, I peeked over the top and noticed that Harriet was nowhere to be seen. I was wondering how long it would take for her to bolt, and she had done just that. Briony, on the other hand, stood transfixed to the spot. She looked almost...frozen; which wasn't going to be helpful at all in my case. Snap out of it! 

"I might as well have killed you then and there and left you to rot in that alley Wayde," he muttered, limping towards me but taking his time with doing so.

"If there's one thing you suck at Joe, it's taking down your target," I mocked him, trying to sound equally sure of myself as he did. All he did was laugh mirthlessly to that. I quickly got to my feet and aimed a shot at his good leg, that would take him down once and for all but he must have been expecting that as he side-stepped me and fired back; a shot I only just missed. The one advantage I had was that he was severely injured and bleeding, more than I was. I had a bunch of bruises and cuts but that was as as worse as it could get. 

But the one thing that troubled me the most was the smugness I saw on Joe's face. His lips were twisted into a knowing smile as he had his back to Briony, facing me. Why the hell didn't she just get it over with and shoot him? I knew the answer to the question but now wasn't the time to contemplate over foolish sentiments for an ex. It was the time to get this mission over with. If only she realized that. 

My hand didn't shake at all as I held the gun tightly in my hand, just waiting to pull the trigger. Joe had his own gun pointed right at me, his smile growing as if he was enjoying himself.

"Go ahead Wayde. Shoot me." 

I wanted to. How badly I wanted to pull the trigger and have his blood splatter over the wall as a sign of my achievement was unreal. But Joe was not my kill, he was Briony's. My eyes flickered to her face for just a millisecond and she seemed to be having a battle of her own. Use your gun and blow his brains out. Just do it Briony. But she wouldn't. 

I didn't think. I just knew what to do. I fired a shot at his foot and Joe, of course, jumped back. Then, fully aware of the fact that he was armed, I threw myself at him, knocking him down to the ground. The weight of my body over his injured leg had him crying out in pain as I tried taking the gun from his hands, but he was stronger than I thought. 

Just when I pulled at the handle of his gun, he fired a shot. A single shot that hadn't hit the intended target, but had hit something. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Briony's eyes widen and grow glassy as she clutched her side, eyeing the blood that started to seep out. Then, she fell. 

The End

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