What To Do...Mature

Maximus Wayde

It was the throbbing that first helped me regain consciousness. A continuous pounding of my head. Groaning, I sat up and the sounds of the city cars and traffic came to me. My eyes opened slowly before surveying the scene. I was lying against the wall of a dark alleyway, slumped in a rather irregular position. But why?


That name. Startlingly clear, my mind jumped to action and so did my body. But the aches that erupted from different parts of my body answered my doubts as my mind retold the events that had unfolded after leaving the bar.

I’d been attacked. By him. And lost. Which is the one explanation for why I’d been knocked out in some poorly lit strip of land at this time of day with injuries over my body. But…what now. He’d be after Briony wouldn’t he? He’d be after her.

He was going after her!

I tore through, running and lightly limping on one leg as I ran out the alley and towards the main street where cars zoomed forth and about. Scanning the area, I realized the pub was only a few feet away and my car…my car was gone.

I racked my brain for an answer before spotting a Mercedes parked near the bar. Searching my pockets for something I could use as a lock pick, I found a metallic hair pin in my left pocket. Of course – I always had one of this lying around in my clothes.

Speeding towards the car, I picked it and entered with no time to spare and was soon racing back to my apartment.

He was going to kill her wasn’t he? To harm her. That’s what he’d want to do – to get to the agency. Yet, it made no sense. Why hadn’t he killed me?

The acceleration dropped as the weight of my foot on the pedal lessened. My thoughts made complete sense right now as I realized what Joe was playing at. He wanted me to come after her, because he’d set it up to be like that. He hadn’t killed me now…and he definitely wasn’t going to kill her.

Briony was going to have to take this one by herself. Because I was no longer going to play by the game he’d set out. Swerving to the left, I cut the intersection and ended up driving down Janes’ Street  instead of the one that would have led me back to my place.

I knew what to do.

The End

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