Maximus Wayde

The sudden change in topic interested me and I made sure to listen up as my new 'friend' continued talking. 

"We don't know him in person. It's just through the phone or machines really - he likes to keep an air of suspense within the group." Taking another swig out of his drink, he muttered in an irritated voice, "I think he'd just a lowly coward."

My eyebrows raised slightly hearing this and I didn't say anything as I handed the bartender my empty drink. I was done for the day but this conversation certainly wasn't. 

"So you've never seen him in person?" I asked casually.

"Not once," the guy grunted in response before chucking the drink back to his lips. He clearly was enjoying this but I had a feeling I needed him to know the answers which he probably wouldn't give if he was knocked out.

"Could be anyone for all we know. Our Boss likes to play."

It was then after that rather interesting announcement that my phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out and stared at the name on my screen, the same as it had been yesterday. A few bubbles of anger rose but I pursed my lips in an attempt to stop cursing and opened the message.

Stop looking. He's following you.

My eyebrows crossed in confusion as I frowned. What did she mean? 

It took a second for me to interpret it. It all fit. 

Could be anyone for all we know. 

Why hadn't I seen it before? I didn't have to look because he was right in front of me. And he'd been watching me and Briony the whole time which is how he toyed with us.

Snapping my phone shut, I stood up and gave a pat on the shoulder, gesturing the bartender for another round of drinks. "Let this one be on me," I say, slapping the money on the counter and then leaving the pub without a second look back. 

He was here. "Joe" was here. And I didn't know who the hell it was. 

The End

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