Maximus Wayde

I had not the slightest idea where I was going as I drove fast down the curving streets and roads. Fury pumped through my blood and I so desired to let it out but driving at insanely high speeds didn't seem like enough. 

I decided to hit a pub (yes, at this time of day) and parked in front of the same old one from last night. Cheap but worth the shot for what little time I had. Shutting the car door loudly, I walked into the small stuffy little building and immediately made my way to the bar. I had a strong urge to get myself drunk but resulting in alcohol obsessions didn't seem like the best solution. 

The bartender made his way to me with a stiff smile on his face. "What d'ya want?" He asked gruffly.

"Bloody Mary," I muttered. Not the time to drink something as stingy as that but what the hell. 

He came back to me with a rather cross expression on his face, handing me the drink before making his way back to a bunch of ladies sitting only a few feet away from me. Sighing, I took a short drink, wincing as my throat burned when I swallowed.

What was I doing here? And more importantly, why?

I was strangely protective of Briony but that wasn't excuse enough for me to have bolted out of my own apartment like that. She probably thought I was crazy. I wouldn't blame her if I did. 

Taking another sip, I smacked my lips together and then looked around. The pub was rather empty, probably because it was day-time and seen to be a bit of a bad reputation type thing to be drinking at such early times of the day. 

Yet, the person who entered the bar next was unavoidable. And he'd seen me. Forcing a convincing smile onto my lips, i stood up and reached my hand out to shake with one of the suspects I'd met at the den. He'd 'befriended' me, and was the only one blind enough not to have suspected me at all.

"Martin," he said, a lazy grin hitting his lips. "Good to see you. Here on business?"

"No, not really," I answered. "Just relaxing."

"Good to get work off your shoulders isn't it? Our Boss has us working each second of each day, it feels like." 

He sat down on the stool next to mine, leaning over to fetch a drink from the bartender before taking a long draw from it. Interested, I edged back to the conversation, emphasising on who he'd mentioned. 

"Your Boss?"

The End

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