Getting Away from the AngerMature

Maximus Wayde

It's funny; how many emotions swelled through me when Briony told me the truth. Anger, resentment, guilt... I could feel a part of me jump up in sudden enthusiasm to get this case finished with, that is, kill the guy. But of course, my protectiveness over Briony shouldn't interfere with the job at hand.

Yet, when she finished talking and asked me how I felt, I said in a relatively calm tone, "I'm really angry." Her eyebrows rose up slightly but she didn't say anything. I didn't look angry, no I'd composed a mask of deep thought as if all she'd said to me was more valuable for the actual case than my emotions. Why should I give a damn anyways?

Contradicting the statements I'd made a few minutes ago would be a good start to an internal argument so I decided to push away the voices in my head and instead said, "Briony, we will catch him. And when we do, you have to be ready."

"You're the one who's infilitrating the gang Max. It's not my job."

"It will be," I said strongly. 

Briony shook her head at me vigorously. "We had a plan."

"Well things change don't they?" Without another word, I stood up and got the keys to my car off of the coffee table and announced loudly. "I'm going out for a drive. You stay here."


I didn't need to hear more. Crossing the room quickly, I exited my apartment and slammed the door loudly behind me in an attempt to vent my anger. I was furious. Not at Briony. But at this "Joe". One thing I knew for certain: the moment I had this guy in my grasp, he'd be as good as dead. 

The End

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