Maximus Wayde

My hands were curled into tight fists by my side as I tried to suppress the waves of fury that started to undulate within me. Anger was far too much of an underestimation for how I felt after Briony had revealed the truth to me. And to think I'd believed that she was being professional in her job. 

Crumpling the picture up with the crush of my hand, I threw it hard against the wall. The light smack that reverberated against it wasn't enough of an outlet and I found myself trudging to the kitchen. 

How much I wanted to leave the apartment, go to a bar, and down a few drinks. Apart from the professional/job-related side of this that Briony had screwed up, it deeply bothered me that she'd almost tried to protect her ex by hiding his picture. 

What does that really mean Max?

It means she still has feelings for him. 

Somehow, that thought was pounding in every corner of my mind, enough to drive me insane. 

Searching through the cupboards, I looked for the usual packet of cigarettes that I had hidden somewhere in the corner before swearing underneath my breath. Damn myself for having given up smoking!

I needed some release!

Slamming the cupboard door shut, I paced back into the living room before sitting down with a huff on the couch. Crossing my arms tightly over my chest, I scowled into the empty space in front of me. 

How could she have done this? To her job? To Boss? To me?

My chest stung slightly at the small betrayal. Or maybe I was just being over-dramatic? Yet it meant something to me that my partner-in-crime had decided to withhold such an important piece of information from me. It meant even more that a 'friend' I trusted would hurt me in such a way. After all, I'd been honest with her.

The soft sound of footsteps against the floor caught my attention and I looked up to see Briony standing a few feet away from me. Her eyes were puffy and red, as if she'd been crying and her lower lip trembled as she said, "I should probably go now."

"No," I hissed even before the words had completely left her mouth. Her eyes met mine, slightly hurt by my tone but I didn't care. "You're staying here." She took a step back, shaking her head. 

"I think it's better for me to leave. Clearly, I'm not wanted here right now."

Quickly getting to my feet, I crossed the space between us and took rough hold of her arm, tugging her forward to compensate for the steps she'd taken back. "No. You are." Towering over her, I glared menacingly down at her. Her eyes reflected guilt, and tears rimmed over in them. 

"I'm sorry," she whispered. 

It was then that I realized...deep down something moved inside of me as I looked into her beautiful brown eyes. Unsettled. 

I had fallen in love with her. 

The End

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