The RescueMature

Maximus Wayde

The 'date' had been a short one and much to my surprise, I had spent most of it flirting with the waitress rather than with Briony. Not like she would have enjoyed it. After all, every time I hinted at a little bit of a sexual joke Briony snapped at me like I would bring upon the world the start of an apocalypse.

In fact, she was pretty sober through out the whole date and we ended up not talking at all. I watched her finish off my food and down quite a few drinks from the bar and I wasn't quite sure whether or not she was aware of what she was doing.

Briony McAnderson had never been one to drink. The last time I'd seen her anywhere closest to her current state was when she was getting over her mysterious ex, I believe.

And that is exactly why, after she had bade me quite an unpleasant farewell, I followed her with my car.

She ended up driving to some local pub, located not too far away from the restaurant and close enough for her to remain conscious enough to get even drunk furthermore. I watched, seated in the car as she got out, entered the pub then came back out with some random guy who was checking her out.

Nerves on edge, I watched her mutter something into her phone before turning around and facing the guy after snapping her mobile shut. I swore under my breath when he gave her a completely 'non-friendly' grin and then grabbed her waist, pulling her closer to him before approaching his own car where he dumped her. 

That was it. Getting out, I took quick long strides towards the guy. Grabbing him by the back of his collar, I punched him hard on the right side of his face; hard enough to hear an audible crack.

Groaning, he slumped back down to the ground unconscious. Without a word, I picked Briony up from the car who might as well have been knocked out.


"Shut up," I muttered. 

Within a few minutes, I was driving furiously towards my apartment and soon we entered the mass space of my living room. Seeing as the guest room was dusty and untidy, I softly laid her down on my bed pulling the sheets over her before retreating to the living room.

Making myself comfortable on the couch, I crossed my arms behind my head and groaned. What had she been thinking?

The End

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