Maximus Wayde

I was a little disappointed. Not with myself this time but with Briony. She'd gotten so angry at me for just saying one little lie and I know it hurt her since it was actually not that little of a lie. But I had my reason for saying it. Instead of a 'congradulations' I'd gotten a huge blow-up from her. I'd expected her to be angry and I'd been prepared for it as well. Except...I didn't think it would hurt as much as it had.

Sighing, I shook it off, trying to relax my tense grip on the steering wheel as I drove home in silence. I was dead tired. Apparently, working as a gangster was much more then I'd expected it to be. Of course, for the first thirty minutes, all of them were suspicious of me.

And at one part, I had to pull Tiffany aside to threaten her to keep her mouth shut. And I knew she would. She was much too scared of the possibility of being punished by both sides.

Pulling up onto the driveway of my apartment block, I parked the car and took out the keys. Within minutes I was inside and I flopped back down onto my bed. It was only half past two. Yet, I wanted to get some sleep.

I didn't even kick off my shoes as I closed my eyes, darkness taking over me.


<!ring!> <!ring!> I groaned and reached blindly over to my bedside table, my hand making contact with my phone. Opening one eye, I peeked at the screen.

You have one new message from Brainy Chick.

Geez, I really have to change my nickname for her. I flipped the phone open, blinking my eyes to adjust to the light from the screen. Finally the words became visible.

Im sorry abt earlier on 2day. 2 make up 4 it, wanna mt for dinner?

I sat up on my bed, glancing at the clock. It read  6:30 P.M. That would be perfect. Besides...I guess I'd forgiven her. Maybe I could have a little fun acting like I hadn't. Grinning at the idea, I typed back.

Fine. Where?

Within a minute, I got a reply.

Wat abt ur fav place? McDonalds? In abt half hour?

Briony must be feeling really guilty. Nevertheless, I slipped off my bed and replied.

Kk. C u there.

It was a date and not a work-related one. For some reason, that cheered me up.


The End

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