I know that

That was  as far as I'd managed to work out of that anonymous message. Maximus had been right, each word used a different code, and they were damn difficult to work out. 

Maximus had been brilliant today. He had caught our suspect (even if I was still pissed off that he'd kidnapped her) and now he'd got us evidence. I would have never thought of the recording chip, and yet he had been quick. His escape had been just amazing, and I had to admit that I owed him big time. 

"Briony, will you please put down that little puzzle and listen to this?" Boss' question was actually an order, like most of his questions.

I sighed and folded the note into my pocket, moving over to where Boss and Maximus had a laptop open.

"...onto us," said one voice, unmistakably that of the guy who'd confronted us. "See what you do, Tiffany? We warned you not to spill!"

"I didn't!" the voice of Tiffany lied nervously. Thank god for police pressure. "I swear!"

"You had better not be lying, you worthless little piece of-"

"Dude, shut up!" someone else hissed. "Let's just talk the shizz and go."

Maximus laughed. "He talks like a reeaal gangster." 

"Kay," this voice was so deep it shocked me. "What we doin' is this. We goin' to the den. Then we goin' to the bank. Nikki, you gon' distract the men there-"

"Why do I 'ave t' do i'?" she demanded, clearly not as shy as Tiffany. She also had a really strong Yorkshire accent.

"'Cause you the skank. Now shut your trap. We gon' grab the dough, and we gon' leave. No scene, no fuss. We meetin' at nine Maple street. Don't forget."

The scraping of chairs and then the traffic outside.

We looked at each other. Maximus was grinning, so I grinned back. Boss had his eyebrow raised.

"Well I'm glad to see you're not trying to kill each other," he said. "Right, now about this meeting. What do you plan to do about it?"

The plan I had in my head involved a lot of sitting and waiting. Basically, I thought we should take a car (my car, because it was inconspicuous) and wait outside until they came out, and then simply arresting them. This would involve getting up really early in the morning as they hadn't specified a time. I assumed they had pre-planned it or something. 

I told them what I thought, and Maximus nodded before adding his own thoughts. "Right," he said. "We'll do that. Except I think one of us should wait at the bank. I know we don't know which bank, but it'll have to be one close by. 'Cause if they've already gone then we've got no chance if we're both outside this 'den'."

"Okay," I agreed. "Good idea. But please don't do anything big if you arrest them.."

"I'm not going to arrest them."

I frowned. "What? Isn't that the whole idea?"+

He shrugged. "We need more information. That little speech thing when we arrest people says that they have the right to remain silent, which means they don't have to tell us anything."

"Well, fair point, but what else can we do? I mean, they'll recognise you, the recording chip - however brilliant it was - isn't going to work again."

"I know. I wasn't going to try it again. But maybe if I get talking with someone from the group..."

"Ahhhh," I grinned, catching on. The only thing I hoped was that Maximus wouldn't have too much fun and end up pulling out  his gun.

The End

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