Smart MovesMature

Maximus Wayde

"Well my girlfriend reckons you're just friends, so I'd like to see you prove you're a couple." I could feel Briony's  hand tense against mine, her grip going tight. I gave it a soft squeeze, then stood up, giving the man a friendly smile as I loomed over him much taller. 

"I don't really like strangers who tell me that I have to prove to them that I'm in love with my girlfriend, when it really is none of their business." The man glared at me, his dark brown eyes menacing as he opened his mouth to say something. Instead, I interrupted him, placing my hand on his shoulder and tilted my head to the right, a sardonic grin making its way to my face. "Besides, if that's something completely acceptable, why don't you go show your girlfriend a public sign of affection?"

Even though my voice had taken on a friendly tone, I'd risen it to a volume loud enough for the other couples seated around us to hear the conversation. The man's face pulled into a tight frown as he gave me a dirty look before moving back to his table.

"Keep your eyes on your girlfriend then," he spat before sitting down next to Tiffany who'd taken in the whole scene, and hadn't expected me to stand up to the guy. Apparently Briony thought the same thing as when I turned my face to look at her, she had  a strange fascination upon it.

"Did you get straight A's in drama class?"  She scoffed, trying to cool the atmosphere as I sat down next to her. Grinning, I shook my head. "Nope, A+'s actually."

She rolled her eyes at me before leaning in a little closer, whispering, "What should we do? They're clearly sending us death vibes, warning us not to look at them. Boss is going to be dissapointed."

"Don't worry honey, I've got it covered," I said coolly, leaning back against my chair after taking a bite out of a chicken wing.

"How?" She asked, curious, ignoring the honey bit.

"I placed a recording sound chip onto his shirt. And my car's only parked a close distance away, so it'll catch the signal and record whatever he says using a Bluetooth device. We'll have the proof we came here for."

Her eyes widened as she heard this, and she almost looked a little disappointed as she relaxed her posture.

"Smart move," she muttered, giving me a small smile.

"Thanks. And your car has it's own uses too." I winked, trying to cheer her up and she managed a grin back.

"So what's the plan now?"

"Let's just hang around till they leave, and then go back to HQ."

"Are you sure this will have worked?" She asked, considering other options for what we could do. I took a sip out my Coke and smirked.

"I may not be a genius like you Briony, but I'm smart to a certain extent."

The End

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