Maximus Wayde

After a long day of hanging around the HQ, I retreated back home after having lunch with Briony. We hadn't gotten anywhere, even after a long time of looking through the files and details over and over again. I clearly wasn't in the mood to continue, especially when we weren't getting anywhere.

Getting into my car, I started the engine and drove out the  parking area of the apartment building; speeding towards the closest bar. I really needed a drink.


I usually never liked going to 'those' kinds of bars. But all the others were jam-packed, and though I was old enough to get into one; they wouldn't allow me in as they were the kind of clubs which only accepted 'high-class' people. In the end, I found myself in a strip club, the ones filled with girls wearing two-pieces and trying to attract men, but failing horribly. Already three of them had tried hitting on me but I squirmed away from them and got a seat at the bar area, asking for a martini. I bet if Briony saw me here, she'd kill me.

Chuckling at the thought, I enoyed my drink. My eyes flickered around, something I usually did when I was alone. My sight landed on someone looking quite familiar and I squinted, trying to recognize the girl standing a fare distance away from me and whispering to a man, glancing around nervously.

My eyes widened when realization hit me and I noticed that the girl I was looking at was Tiffany Feldon. The girl way too young to be in a club, and a strip one at that. Taking the last sip out my martini, I followed her as she headed towards the exit. Th door she went through lead to a dark alleyway and it was easy for me to hide in the shadows as it was her.

She might be with others from the gang. Just take her.

My mental suggestion was a pretty good idea and before she could do anything, I clamped my hand over her mouth and lightly pushed my finger onto a nerve on her neck. She fell limp into my arms, unconcious and making sure no one saw me I laid her into the back seat of my car.

I started to drive towards the first destination that came in my mind. And soon, carrying Tiffany in my arms, I knocked on Briony's door with the side of my shoulder. It was effective enough to make some noise and soon, when it swung open, I grinned at her.

"Brilliant, aren't I?"

The End

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