Moodswings Don't HelpMature

Maximus Wayde

I needed an espresso for a reason. My head ached and I know it's not advised to take coffee if you're having a pounding headhache but that's the type of guy I am; careless. I felt like I needed a break and my doubts on Briony was starting to increase. I'm sure Briony isn't stupid enough to put her trousers in the wash and keep an important piece of information inside it; that was what she'd implied yet I didn't trust her. When she'd been talking, her tone was different and she sounded more stressed. I had a feeling she was hiding something from me and that's what put it me down. If we're partners, she should be honest towards me and that's exactly what she's not doing.

"My friend likes you," she said, sitting down. And that got to me. I felt my mood lift slightly as I took a sip out my espresso and replied, "Is that so?" But I decided to keep it at that. As exciting as the statement was that her friend was interested in me, I couldn't care less. Things like such were merely for entertainment. My mind however was elsewhere.

I didn't want to bug Briony about before but I was curious. My thoughts weren't focused on the conversation about the picture but about the unmentionable ex. What made him so different that she didn't want to tell me about him? Bringing him up now was clearly out of the question since her thoughts probably aren't even close to where I am at the moment. Yet, I can't help but imagine. Would she ever tell me about him?

"So...what now?" I asked, breaking the silence that had taken over for a couple of minutes.

Her brown eyes met mine and I could see that she wasn't sure how to answer my question. "Maybe we should just wait until another robbery happens and meanwhile just try to analyze whatever information we've got for now."

"Don't you think that makes us a little useless?" I muttered, more to myself then her.

Her eyes flashed in anger and she snapped, "Well what do you suppose we do? If you've got any other ideas please share. I'd hate to be the one doing all the work."

I glared at her and she glared back, her gaze filled with as much irritation as mine. My moodswings didn't help her and neither did hers. Yet, I had a feeling I was the cause of her anger.

"Okay, what about we just look into the other suspects we've still got picture of and try to find out about the organisation that's doing this. I'm sure we can get something. I can call up on the others and see if they have any in our custody." The words came out in a quiet rush but Briony was able to understand and gave me a swift nod.

"I think that would help."

Apparently her irritation hadn't worn off quite yet but I didn't blame her; judging by the emphasis and tone she used while talking to me. I had as much reason to be annoyed with her now anyways. I just didn't want to be. It would be much harder that way.

"I'm sorry about before," I said with a reluctant smile. She watched me, her face still pulled into a tight frown but waited for me to go on, as if wanting me to admit that I was being an idiot. The thought almost stopped me but I pushed myself to say, "I'm sorry that my moodswings aren't being friendly and that I keep lashing out on you. I just..." Ask her. "Have a headache," I ended simply.

The real things I wanted to talk to her about didn't make its way to my mouth and besides, I didn't know what effect it would have on her and I'd rather not take my chances right now.

"It's okay," she said with a smile. "Done with your espresso?"

I nodded and she got up, taking light hold of my hand and tugging on it. "Let's go. We've got some work to start on."

The End

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