Maximus Wayde

I helped Briony pick up the several papers I'd scattered across the floor. I'd never thought I could enjoy the time I was spending with her like I am now. It came to me as a pleasent shock, nevertheless I liked the feeling that spread through my chest. Just as I crouched down to help her, Briony stood up and our heads knocked.

"Ouch." I saw her rubbing her forehead and I muttered a, "Sorry."

After we organized the papers back onto the table, we stared down at them in confusion. I clearly am not in the mood to do any investigations and thinking, courtesy of the sleepless nights I've had recently.

"Well I'm beat. I should probably get going."

"Whoa, wait a sec." She took hold of my arm and pulled me down to sit next to her, eyebrow raised. "We have to get started soon."

"Why not tommorow? I'm so not up for all the brain work at the moment Briony and I think you know that. I'm really sleepy and would just like to go to bed. I promise we could meet up tommorow and get things figured out, though most of it will be your work." She smiled at that bit and sighed, her shoulders hunching down. Whether or not she liked to admit it, she was exhausted too.

"Health comes first right?" I asked her, nudging her shoulder, knowing she was going to come around and agree with me.

"Not in the S.I.S," she laughed but I could hear the withdrawal in her voice and knew I had an easy win.

"So I'll see you tommorow then." I gave her a pat on the back and made my way towards the front door but yet again was stopped.

"Maximus, wait."

Exaggerating a sigh, I turned around to face her once more and was met by a look of hesitance on her face as if she wasn't sure what she was doing.

"Yes Briony?"

"You can stay here for the night," she said in a low voice that I had to lean forward to hear her. "I mean, you live halfway across the city and I don't want you getting in an accident, you might fall asleep on the wheel."

"Alright then," I said with a shrug then crashed onto the couch. I didn't mind this at all, in fact I've had more than enough experience leading myself into trouble in such scenarios.

"I'm sorry I don't have a spare room or anything. Otherwise-"

"I understand," I gave her a smile and I could see her relax a little. "Wait a sec."

I saw her figure retreat into her bedroom and sounds of creaking wood. She came back with a pillow and a small blanket in her hands.

"It's the only thing I have at the moment."

"It's perfect," I said with a grin, taking them from her and I saw her stand there, looking unsure of what to do. Understandable since this afterall is the first time I'm crashing at her place. Standing up, I gave her a quick hug and ruffled her brown hair.

"Sleep well Briony, you'll need it."

"Thanks, umm, you too."

She gave a small smile to me and as I laid back against the couch, I watched her leave the living room and walk away. If I'd told myself I'd be sleeping over at Briony McAnderson's house a few days ago, I would've thought I'd lost all traces of sanity.

Yet here I am. Life is so strange...

The End

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