A Cheap Bastard With No ShameMature

Maximus Wayde

It was rather a surprise for myself when I made a pact with Briony. But I'd decided that if we were going to do this misson well, I would have to get along with my partner. That was why we'd made our deal. I caught the expression of curiousity on her face but my attention diverted back towards the waitress who grinned at me.

"Here's your bill," her voice trilled as she gave me the thin paper. Her hand lingered on my arm as she waited for me to get out my wallet and pay. And that, I didn't. Instead, I gaver her one of my charming grins and said, "I'll pay you at the counter honey." She smiled back, giving me a little pinch with an added, "I'll be waiting."

I turned back to Briony who gave me an eye-roll then resumed going through the files. But when I cleared my throat, she met my eyes with a slightly annoyed glare.


"Pay up partner."

Eyes narrowed she asked, "What do you mean?"

"50 pounds up!" I said a little enthusiastically, too much for Briony to handle.

"Are you telling me that you're completely broke?"

I nodded and got a very nasty reply spat at me. "Cheap bastard," she muttered as she looked through her bag, fumbling. I gasped a little dramatically and said, "Didn't we just agree a few minutes ago to be friends? Look who broke her side of the deal off."

"I'm not breaking anything. Besides, you're acting like a complete asshole now so i have the right. If you'd told me you were broke before we came here, I probably would have led you to a cheaper restaurant than this one but no you just won't."

Alright. She had a point. I was being an asshole. So for this one time, I'll let her go on this. The next time she insults me, I'll make sure I get her back in more ways than her paying. Possibly through my teasing nature which she's always hated. Ha, that would work.

We both stood up, getting ready to leave. "Okay then, I'll go pay off at the counter. You organise all the papers back into the folder," she said in a very authorised voice. Just as Briony took a step forward I came in front of her, making her knock into me lightly.

"For crying out loud, what now?!"

"I would really appreciate it if you gave me the money. That way, I could-"

"Make a good impression in front of Rosie?" She asked, a knowing look on her face.

With a smug grin, I ran my hands through my dark hair waiting for her response. She handed me the money a little grudgingly and turned her back to me and towards the table.

"Thanks Briony." I whispered, giving her arm a light squeeze and then walking towards the counter where Rosie waited expectantly. She grinned at me, leaning forward with her face cupped in her hands. "So, when will you be coming again?"

Handing her the money, I said, "I've got a lot of work honey but if you give me a call, we could always arrange things."

She smiled but then frowned, glancing at Briony who was waiting for me near the doors of the restaurant, gazing at me and Rosie a little intensely.

"Who's she?"

"Oh...she's like my sister." Very uncreative but the line that usually works with jealous chicks, even if its a complete lie.

Smiling, Rosie seemed okay with hearing that news just like I'd predicted and wrote me her number on a napkin. "Call me," she said and then gave me a light kiss on the cheek, similar to ones I'd recieved before. With a final wink at Rosie, I walked back towards the exit of the restaurant. I couldn't quite classify the expression on Briony's face - it looked like a mix of disgust, shock and...anger? Really hard combination. Had she heard?

"What's wrong?" I asked. Briony glared at me and muttered a stony, "Nothing," and then turned away and walked towards the car not even glancing back at me. Huh. I wonder what her problem is.

The End

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