Briony a.k.a Smartass, Max a.k.a PervertMature

Maximus Wayde

MacDonalds had not been on my mind before I saw Brainy pop up in front of me. I'd rather just head home and continue slumbering off but knowing that Boss wouldn't support that idea, I decided to make a visit to one of my favorite fast food restaurants. And, regrettably, I had to invite Brainy along. We had to start discussing our plans for this particular mission.

When I pulled up on one of the parking lot spaces, I heard Brainy (God, I have to stop thinking of her that way!) groan to my side.

"Why MacDonalds? Out of all other junk food restaurants, why-"

"First of all, MacDonalds is my favorite. Second, it's the nearest restaurant and the only one I can be sure that would be open right now. And lastly, it's not junk food."

Unbuckling the seat belt, I opened the door and walked out, heading towards the entrance of the restaurant. I heard Brai-, Briony mutter something to herself; probably about me not being a gentleman and offering to open her door. Only I would if she was hot, attractive or enticing in some way. But she's not.

Once we found a table and ordered some food, I lay back against my seat and grinned at her while she frowned.

"Why did I have to get paired up with you? It's just so, so...wrong."

"Hey, don't ask me. I'm wondering the same thing. Besides, seeing as you sneaked up on me back there, I guess you would have figured that out but you're not as smart as you look are you?" I smirked at her and her eyes narrowed at me before she cleared her throat and opened the file, scattering the papers in it onto the table.

"We've got some work to do," she muttered, her eyes scanning the pages. "So these guys have clearly made enough mistakes for us to be on their trail."

"Now it's up to us to figure things out, unfortunately."

She shot me a look of disgust. "If you don't like doing this, why're you even part of the SIS?"

"It's this part I don't like doing. The brainy part of it." I tilted my head and looked at her thoughtfully. "Funny how your name shows everything there is to you. Brainy McAnderson, the smartass, cracks the codes for SIS missions! I swear I read a headline like that on one of the articles they give us."

This time, she slammed her hand down on the counter and glared at me, full intensity. "You're such a pain in the ass you know that?"

"Here's your order!"

A blonde waitress set down the burgers we'd ordered on the table top. She grinned at me, a little too much. "Hope you enjoy the meal," she said with a wink. "If you need anything else, be sure to call me."

She was about to leave but I quickly reached into my pockets and took out the only money note I could find. I always had loose cash in my pockets, a habit that proved my laziness to be 'civilised'. This time, it was a ten pound note.


The waitress turned around, the smile still on her face. I grinned at her and took hold of her hand. "You deserve a tip for the customer service," then glancing at her nametag, "Rosie." 

"Well thank you mister."

I gave her hand a squeeze and she walked off with the money, looking absolutely delighted but I couldn't quite decide whether it's because I gave her a tip or because of the flirting. Turning back to look at Briony, I was met by an ironic and hard stare.

"Customer service? All she did was give us our food like any other person would?"

"Hey, I was only being polite," I said, arms raised like a criminal would when he's spotted, in surrender.

"You're such a pervert," she muttered, her gaze dropping back down to the papers. I rolled my eyes at her. She's just jealous.   

The End

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