Cut The Crap and Get To ActionMature

Maximus Wayde

As normal days would go for any 20 year old, mine was the exact opposite. Working as an agent undercover certainly had its thrills but the main con: you always lack a good night sleep that you want. I was woken up by the annoying ring of my phone, a sound I'd grown used to over the past four years. Reaching blindly towards my bed side table, I took hold of the phone and clicked on the button.


"Max, I have a job for you."

Through those seven words that I'd heard so often, I knew today would just be like any other in my life. Some evil jerk with a plot and the usual hero to the rescue: me. But being called at one in the morning and having had less than five hours of sleep, the Boss definitely struck a nerve.

"Come on man. I just got in bed. You've gotta be kidding me right?"

"No man. I'm not kidding. You're needed and you told me you knew what you were doing when you took this job. So get out of bed and move your lazy ass to North Avenue now, before he gets away."

The dull and constant beep could be heard after my Boss hung up and cursing silently to myself, I swung my body over the edge of the bed and grabbed the first shirt and jeans I saw lying on the ground. I'd had enough of these midnight calls and today, I'm sure to set an example of how sick of this I was. The person I'd be taking it out on would be the mischief maker.

Swiftly walking out the door with car keys in hand, I opened the door to my car and once in, turned on the touch screeen interface.

"Good morning Max. What will you like to do today?"

Jabbing at the right option, I quicky found a map of where I needed to go and where my target was at the moment. Starting the engine, I swerved out the driveway and onto the road, driving at speeds way past the limit. Within a matter of minutes, I reached my destination and found my other associates waiting. Unfortunately, the screech of my car had set off the noiseless alarm, the one that sent my target running off in fear; exactly what the others had been trying to prevent.

Pressing on the brakes and glancing out the window, I looked into the amused faces of my colleagues. "You always have to make an entrance don't you?" One of them asked.

"Can't help it," I replied with a grin. "So can I kill 'em or you need him for getting information?"

"We need him."

"Pity," I muttered then accelerated my car, starting to hunt him down based on the location of his whereabouts on the screen. When I saw him, I pretty much skidded the car in front of him so he'd be blocked and would have no where to go but to run back down the street he'd come from. Jumping out the car, I hurled myself at him and tied his arms behind his back. Unfortunately, he wasn't up to surrender so muttering a quick, "You asked for it," under my breath, I snapped his neck. A minor injury that would pain him for as long as he moves that bone, but one that knocked him out and sent his body limp against mine.

The others came running around the corner and grinned at the sight, one they'd seen many times.

"He's not dead, if that's what you're thinking," I said once the others came and inspected the limp body. "Just knocked out. He'll come around soon."

"We know."

"Anyways, see you all later."

I turned around to walk back to my car but was stopped by the hand that was put on my shoulder. Looking back, I saw Sam  grin at me. He's one of those who I've known since I was first put into the agency. But he was more brain than brawn {unlike me} and used tactical methods to get information.

"Not so fast bro, Boss wanted me to deliver some news I think you'd enjoy."

I raised an eyebrow and waited for it.

"You'll be partnering up with Briony McAnderson for a new mission."

My eyes widened in surprise and I have no idea what expression must have crossed my face but it definitely was one that had a humorous reaction amongst the others.

"Out of all the chicks he could have paired me up with, it has to be Brainy McAnderson. I pity the fool who placed her in the agency! I really do! I pity the fool -" Only to get a tap on my shoulder and come face to face with the chick herself.


The End

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