The land of youtube poopMature

You won't get it if you haven't watched youtube poop , or the lazer collection. Basically its simple Kevin (Me chimera) Ethan / Shoopy( chimeras friend) have to get to all the kings and absorb their power to leave youtube poop. Problem is everything they get is crap. Ethan is abosrbed into a shoop , and become very much like a dog. A dog that talks and shoot lazers!

One day I was walking down the road with my friend Ethan , when a portal appears. Both if us teenagers and very much like cats. Our curiosity takes over and we both jump in.  For about a minute Ethan and I tumble through a blue tube like structure until we pop onto a beautiful grassy landscape. It is decorated with flowers of all sorts rabbits hopping peacefully across the field, even peaceful music was playing in the background. But the bueaty doesn't last long. A shoop da woop ( which a large floating red mout tiwh googly eyes) Comes over top the hill.  I look for cover as it opens its large mouth to say.

"Imma firin mah lazer..." I roll into the grass, " BWAAAAAAAAAA!"  Once where a rabbit sat now sat nothing but burning ground an few hairs.So much for bueaty and peace. Ethan stood unafraid.

" Kev , I can't beleive its a shoop! Man What happens if I feed it?" He runs towards the awkward looking thing .

" Ethan, Noo!" I yell as he is blown to smitherines

" BWAAAAAAAAAA!"  Ethans upper half of his body is missing.

Too be continued.

Is Ethan alive, how is Kevin going to defend himself?

The End

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