Riele: Little SisterMature

I couldn't sleep. I wanted to but I couldn't so instead I found myself creeping out of the camp to do a bit of hunting. "Where are you going?" I span round to find only Ren and I relaxed shifting my bow to my other hand.

"I can't sleep so I was going to go hunt"

"With those things out there?"

"I've survived three attacks already. I'll be fine" I stated to which I received a scowl from Ren. He shook his head and walks towards me then past. "Hey, where you going?"

"With you. Can't have you getting lost with your crap tracking" 

I flushed and quickly followed. "Keep behind me though" I said to him which he agreed. We stalked through a lot of woodland till suddenly it went deadly silent. There was only the wind blowing through ruffling my hair. I stopped and crouched. "Can you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"Exactly" I whispered drawing an arrow from my quiver and notching it on my bow which I brought up. I drew back the string ready to fire if anything came out when someone stumbled out of the bush a girl I recognised. "Ceilie!"

"Brother!" she cried and ran over with me moving my bow out of the way just in time. She collided into me with a soft thump her arms wrapping round my form. Ren kindly took my bow keeping it ready for a sudden appearance while I wrapped my arms tightly round my sister. "What's going on, Riele?"

She pulled back to look in to my eyes terrified and I brushed a strand of her messy brown hair out of her face. "I don't know but we found some other people. We'll take you there. You'll be safe"

Ceilie smiled then saw something over my shoulder and screamed. I didn't get time to turn and see the animal before it plowed into me. I went tubbling away. I heard Ceilie cry while Ren yelled out my name. I was to busy stopping the chomping maniac from getting his teeth anywhere near my skin. I swung my fist which connected with the things skull which was squishy and weak. It tumbled off me giving my time to  yank my dagger from my belt getting into a defensive position.

It saw its chances were lost and started to back away. That was when it saw Ceilie. "Ren!" I yelled who was close by Ceilie. He jumped in front of her just as the monster banged into him. I saw the arrow slide up under its jaw straight up into its skull. It froze then Ren tossed it away. He was covered in blood. 

No way would they let us go back to the camp like this. Ceilie had a few splatters and looked terrified but was otherwise fine. Ren looked to me looking scared which is when I saw it. The cut on his shoulder. I opened my mouth to ask. "It was its nails"

I closed my mouth and slowly nodded. "We need to find a river and clean up. They wont let us back in covered in blood" 

Once Ren had agreed I took my bow from him and slid my dagger into its holder before taking Ceilie's hand and heading in the direction of the river.

The End

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