Riele: Another TribeMature

Me and Ren must have looked like weird idiots stood there soaked in river water and mud. Especially my great first reaction to the seeming couple. "Who are you both? Talk fast" snapped the man who had these weird tattoos over his body which were familiar enough to me to point him out as a leader. He looked us very intensely up and down for something which I quickly assumed to be a bite.

"Uh, Riele. Tribe to the" I quickly looked up to see how the sun was set in the sky and what direction my tribe should be in. "East"

"Ren. Tribe to the south"

"We're trying to find my sister" I quickly explain worry curling around my heart as I looked at the pair. "Have you seen any tribe pass through?"

"They're untainted. I think it's safe." the girl told the man before turning to us. Her words made my heart sink. "Nobody that we've seen. It's just what's left of our tribe around here."

"Do you know of a demon in the body of a woman? She terrorises us."

"There are many demons in a lot of bodies" I whisper a little shocked that one women is all they have seen. "They're all getting sick. It spreads fast"

"The north is completely infected" Ren informs them.

"All of the North? And our monster came from the valleys in the South. How many of us are left?" the women says panicking.

"What's important is that we stop it before it can get us all" the man says raising his blade to point it at us which is a little dramatic. "So as new tribe leader, it's my duty to make sure no carriers harm my people. I suggest you leave"

The women tries to pull him back in our defence. "Varos we can't leave them defenceless"

"Carriers? Its spread by the bite. We aren't bitten" Ren says angrily and I find myself having to hold him back. The smell of male dominance thick in the air.

"They're right, Varos. Look, their skin is unmarred. If we leave them, they could be bitten and become more of a threat. It's better that they're under your protection" the women reasons.

"You may join us, but know that food is sparse and my objective is not finding a youngling. I want to find my tribe and shove a spear through that demon's belly."

"I'm a hunter. I'll catch you some meat in payment for letting us rest a while" I reply as Ren slowly calms down. It seems only fair and while I want to keep searching I have to rest otherwise I will be no use to Ceilie.

The End

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