Riele: The WanderingMature

The man from the northern tribe was called Laurence, or Ren for short, and he was an excellent tribe. "They went east?" I questioned as he led me along. 

Ren turned to look at me and picked up a rock but not just one laying on the ground. It was carved with the symbol of my people and usually hug as a necklace on a neck of one of the women. "This your tribe"

"Yes" I choked seeing the blood splattered all over it. I turned by back on it leaning on a tree trying to get a steady breath of air.

"I'm sure some of them will be okay, Riele" he tried to reassure but I was thinking of Celie. Was she safe? Was mother protecting her? Was the tribe protecting her? Or had they abadoned her behind in fear of her slowing them down.

I turned round and started east again. "I have to find her"

"Who?" Ren questioned.

"My sister, Celie. She's not safe" I said and Ren suddenly caught my wrist. "Let go! I have to go protect her"

Ren was looking past me through terrified. I turned my eyes round too and saw it. The little boy that use to play with Celie. Strings of flesh were hanging from his mouth and he struggled to walk as he dragged along his broken foot. I reached back for an arrow but hesitated. 

This was a kid I was looking at. Barely seven years old. As I thought that though my eyes strayed to his and saw nothing but a roaring hunger and the blood matting the tips of his fringe.

"We can't kill a kid!" Ren said horrified drawing his blade.

"What do you suggest?" I snapped. "Be eaten alive"

As we spoke the boy took a step and we both tensed. He smiled slowly and seemed to attempt to say something but his tongue was swollen in his mouth. I couldn't help the shiver of disgust as I saw lumps of meat still in his mouth unable to get past his tongue.

Ren swallowed and started to pull me back. Our retreat angered the boy and he screamed drawing about three other kids out of the undergrowth. "Shoot" I said looking around checking and praying they weren't Celie relaxing when they weren't.

They all watched me and Ren with hungry eyes. "Run" he told me and I did with Ren lagging behind me since I was agile on my feet. 

I could hear the kids screaming and crying for food like some wild animals. It caused me to loose focus and I tripped. I felt Ren collide into the back of me falling and we tumbled along into a bush which hid the edge of a crazy steep hill. "Shit!" I screamed just before we tumbled all the way down it and fell into the river at the bottom.

The End

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