Riele: Finding CelieMature

My only priority now was to find Celie. She was my little sister and it was my job to protect her. I couldn't think of anything but her. Slowly I moved through the forest till I heard a snap of a twig. I span round and drew my bow up.

"Ah! Wait, I'm human!" a lad around my age stuttered. Tribal patterns branded across his chest that marked him as one from over the mountain.

I frowned in confusion. "You're from the northern tribes. What are you doing so far south?" I question him keeping my weapon ready. Just cause he wasn't a creature didn't mean another couldn't jump out on me.

"The virus. It has spread across the north. They're eating everything. Rabbits, deer.... even human" he said shaking his head and seeing the blood on my clothes. "Y-You've encountered them?"

"Two actually. They dispersed my tribe"

"Its already this far south?" he questioned to no one in particular. The thought seemed to make him sick and he also seemed distressed. He pushed his hands through his hair turning in a circle looking out feeling hopeless. "What are we to do? Just one bite and you're done" 

"Is is the bite then?" I questioned.

"Its something in the teeth" he rubs his forehead. "My mate... she only had one tooth pierce her skin but it was enough" 

His eyes gaze off as if in a distant memory. It wasn't a memory I wished to pry in. It seemed dark and sinister from the amount of fear and pain in his eyes. It was then I notice his thinning figure. "Are you hungry?"

"Very. I've been running and not resting for days"

I took some food from my bag and handing it to him. He dug into it animalistic and then soon glanced at me apologetically. I shrugged and glanced around. "This place isn't safe. I'm moving on"

"Can I come with you?"

I glanced at him. "Sure" I said. What harm could it do?

The End

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