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The next thing that slipped into my mind was whether my tribe was safe. Scrabbling down the mountain I tugged my dagger out as I ran. Please let the creatures of not gone to the tribe. Oh god, Celie better be safe. Then Jei.... I couldn't help but also be worried for him. Shaking my head I passed the river before stumbling to a stop where my tribe should be.

Instead there was a mess of rugs scattered about and burned out wood where the campfire had stood. Then there was Jei. 

"Hey, Jei!" I said starting towards him. He turned to face me and I saw the chuck of muscle ripped out of his side. I stumbled to a stop.

Jei smiled relieved. "Oh gosh, Riele. Thank, Sensi" he said stumbling towards me but I backed away. He frowned. "Why are you backing away?"

"J-Jei... you're missing most of the left side of your torso" I choked feeling horror shaking through me. "Where is Celie?! Where is she?"

"They ran away. I'm not sure if the strange people got them. One of them got me but I woke up and I'm fine" he says lifting his arm from his side and stuff starting to slip out. I span round and started to throw up. I wiped my mouth and turned back to find Jei right near me. He was watching me with a funny expression. "Did you get any meat? I'm so hungry"

"N-No, I didn't"

"Oh too bad" Jei smiled leaning in close and smelling me while I got a wiff of rot. I coughed and Jei glanced at me smiling. 

"You should go sit down, Jei. You don't look well"

"I'm fine" he said his hand grabbing my wrist. "Since you brought no meat then we will have to wait for the others to bring meat..... or eat you"

Horror shook me and I yanked myself away stumbling back. "No, Jei. This isn't you. Think for a moment!"

"I am" Jei said his eyes wild. "But I'm so hungry"

I swallowed and Jei grinned then ran at me. I turned and scrambled up the tree. Jei tried to follow but he never was a tree climber. I notched an arrow in my bow. "I-I'm sorry, Jei" I choked and aimed.

Jei froze his eyes widening before an arrow sunk through one and he thumped backwards. I hugged my knees to my chest my limbs shaking. My best friend.... my lover. I'd killed him. No, it wasn't him.

That wasn't Jei. I looked down at him. The familiar gentle features. Then who was he? What had been wrong with him?

The End

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