Riele: The NightMature

I peered through the fog as I moved up the mountain. The tribe needed fur and I was getting them the best. The fur of the beast in the mountain was thick and perfect for winter. I padded along slow keeping my body hunched as I moved silent like the wind. 

A twig snapped and I span round with an arrow already notched in my bow. It wasn't a beast but a female stumbling along. I lowered my bow and rose. "What are you doing up here?" I said running my eyes over her. The herb bag hanging from her hip and a mere dagger didn't calm my worry for her being up here. "This is a place for hunting. There are no herbs up here"

"H-Hungry" she gargled stumbling forward her arms flinging forward to grab at something but there was nothing there so they flopped back to her side.

"If you go back to your tribe then I'm sure you will be fed" I said starting to feel concern. 

Then she looked up at me and I stumbled back in shock. Her jaw hung dislocated moving left and right like it didn't bother her. My eyes looked into hers if you could call them that. You could only just see the irises from the blood that welled from them. "Hungry" she said to me again her tongue flopping around in her mouth that I saw she'd bit into it over and over again.

I tightened my hold on my bow. "Look, I think you're sick just go back to your tribe"

It was then she smiled. It was horrible before she started at me. Her mouth snapping as best it could and her arms flinging around crazy. I rolled to the left and pulled up my bow.

"Don't make me shoot!" I yelled hearing my voice shake. The women just kept grinning before running at me again. I left the arrow fly watching it bury into her heart. She fell back. 

I took a shaky breath rising to my feet and inching over to her. I nudged the girl with my foot. Her eyes flashed open and her hands shot out for my leg. They wrapped round it and I yelled out kicking forward into her face my toes squelching into her eyes. The noise made me sick and I stumbled back trying to keep my bearings. She groaned and started to crawl towards me scrapping her body along the rocks. 

Flesh tore off as she did but it didn't halt her. "Oh, Sensi" I muttered praying. "What creature have you made this women"

Then the women screamed causing birds to scatter into the sky. I took out my knife trembling as I watched her get to her feet. I pulled back my arm ready to through but hesitated as she looked at me or seemed to. My nose was starting to fill with a horrific sent which got to me. The girl smiled seeming to know and ran at me. 

My arm went forward releasing the dagger. It flew through the air and straight into her left eye socket. She froze then slumped forward. For a long time I just stood there before starting to inch forward. I looked down at the body. I'd killed a person. Turning away I threw up the smell finally having got to me. 

I left my dagger in the girl as I stumbled away. I had a spare one strapped under my trouser leg anyway. 

What the hell had I just witnessed?

The End

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