As I opened my eyes, all the strange lights were suddenly gone. Good so.
Lately, they became pretty scary. So far they were silent, just another play of lights and energies, but since last new moon they started whispering. And then it changed into some sort of screaming, as you would hear a mother scream, which lost her child. It hurt me bad.

Elders thought it might be my mother's cry for Don and me, after I asked them about it. However, I don't feel such connection. My mom's soul would have cried years ago, not now. These were different. So much desperation and anger, yes, real anger about seeing something and not being able to do anything - woven into single cry. And then so many of them.

The lights I saw during my half sleep were there forever. It was like watching creatures move and live on some distant place, or maybe even this forest. I could not tell who they are, but they were separate entities surrounded by living things, talking creeks and trees and sighing grass fields. The voices came later and I could not tell wether they come from the lights, or are living stuff among them.

My net was dry by the morning.
After that refreshing rain last night, there was a hole in the ceiling, as I learned. But I was too tired to go get something to protect myself from the water, dropping on my bed. Last thing I did was jump on the roof and cover it with some old leather before I fell to sleep, almost unconscious. Another thing to get repaired. Don was really lazy in the past weeks.

I heard sneaking behind me and grabbed my axe.

 "Holy mother! Don't attack Mar, it's me. You're too tense, ya know?"
"Yes I am, guess who got more work to do?" I said.
 "I'm busy right now" Don pouted, but still moved to where I showed with my finger. "Ah, you and water, don't tell me it bothered you, those few drops?"
"You don't want me mad boy, do you? You know I can seduce your girl and then you will have all the time of this world to repair what you haven't so far?"
 "You wouldn't dare, witch!"
I threw an evil smile in his direction, which made him swallow hard. Then went over to heat up some water.
 "Witch!" he whispered to himself and went to the roof.

It was early in the morning and I had to decide if I want to join the meeting with the elders, which the tribe prepared for days. My back hurt, still. The colored wound I found days ago was about to completely heal, yet, I kept waking up with scratches and stitches, which concerned me.

 "Why do I have to repair stuff, anyway? You're almost a man yourself." Don protested, hanging upside down through the hole in the ceiling, which was bigger then before.
"Because I can turn you into a girl?"
 "You wouldn't!"

Don and I liked the rough joking, even though many could not understand it. Maybe it was a way to forget we did not belong anywhere. Sure, the clan was our home, but we were sort of unwanted load in the years of hunger in our own tribe. Most of our old tribe accepted us and cared for us. But, there were also some evil ideas to get rid of us and send us out.
At the end, we went out on our own, until we found home here.

This clan was different. They weren't too loud either. Enough for me to call it home.
I liked watching people come home from hunting in the dawn and liked to watch women leave, to find food in the deep forest, and the children, running around whole day, playing pranks on elders and on people they find in their homes.

Water was ready. After the strong decoction was made, I took a clean piece of handwoven fabric and soaked it in. Then I almost passed, as I pressed it on my back. This burned like hell. It took me some time to recover, and then I had to scratch the dry blood and dust from my wound before it got cold again. I bandaged it and headed toward village center to see what was still left to be done.

The End

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