"Haeh, Token," I said softly. My falcon wasn't in sight, but I knew he could hear me. "Is there any prey around?"

"Tseeer!" was Token's response, telling me there was. "Raaww," a throaty croak was added as an afterthought. He was telling me where it was.

"Perfect," I whispered to myself. Balancing quite well on my tree branch, I drew my knife. Though I couldn't see any animals, I trusted Token's judgement. Drawing a deep breath, I pulled my knife back and threw it.


Something, like a body, hit the ground. Hearing it, I jumped down from the tree, landing with a roll and finishing on my feet. A large rabbit lay on the ground. "Really?" I asked no-one. "A rabbit?"

"Tseeeeeeer!" Token dove down, pulling up and landing on my shoulder.

"I think one of the clan heard you," I said angrily. I didn't like my clan very much.

Sure enough, who should come traipsing through the woods but another member of the clan.

"Hello, Adei," I said.

"Hello, Xavier," she responded.

Then silence.

The End

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