Satomi: Landing

The crowd of onlookers on the deck slowly dissipated. Satomi's father, angered, was among the first. He was one of the biggest supporters of the new habitat. He lobbied in the capitol for the passing of the decision. He desperately wanted her to embrace their new home and come around to his decision. But she could not.

Satomi continued to watch the land slowly grow until a grungy ship worker asked her to retire below decks. Reluctantly, she drug herself down to her room. She silently glided past her father and mother to the bed she shared with her sister. She sat beside her sister and began to play with her hair. She was jealous of its straight, blonde perfection.

"I'm going to go check on the progress," her father said as he slid out the door. Moments later, he returned. They had arrived. She lingered behind as her family raced to the deck, eager to step foot on their new home for the first time. When she finally reached the deck, she looked around to see families scattered upon the beach, small children chasing each other. She stayed upon the deck, reluctant to finally touch the land, and gazed upon the inevitable disaster.

The End

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