Laraul- Trouble

There seemed to be a strange feeling in the air, as if something were coming. Something strange and hard to define. Myself, I was a little unsettled, it seemed all the centaurs were, yet no one could quite understand what change was coming, or what was to happen.

"Daughter, I beg you to stay near to me." My father had always been a worrier, and for good reason too. I had never been one to follow the rules, or to stay with the herd.

"You know I can't make any promises." I replied to him in centaur tongue, hoping he'd understand.

"I know. Yet the fool in me hopes you will anyway." He gave a soft smile and continued with the pack.

I held back, already knowing I wasn't going to listen to my father's council.

Waiting for the precise moment when I knew I wouldn't be missed, I took off, heading straight for the rocky cliffs. I knew here I would get the best vantage point of the sea, and I hoped here was where I would get the answer to why the air felt so strange and altered.

Galloping, I reached the place in no time. It had a beautiful view, and the wind tossed my curly hair, leaving me breathless. I loved it here, and if I wasn't so curious as to what was going on, I probably could have stood there all day, letting my imagination grow as wide as the ocean itself.

At once I got my answer to the bizarreness. Strange ships, something I had never seen before, but only heard about in Centaur folklore, were coming, and close to landing on our beautiful Tenanye.

It seemed as if time stood still, as the ships hit the shore, and I held my breath, afraid of being seen by whoever was in the boats. For an instant, nothing moved nothing breathed. Nothing dared do anything at all.


The End

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