Cailean- Something on the Horizon

The two Lykaios hadn't gone far when Cailean sensed something. She stopped and sniffed the air. Tamaska halted next to her.

"What is it?" Tamaska asked quietly.

"Drakons. Stay behind me." she said, looking up as she watched them fly above them. She knew one of the drakons. She hadn't encountered him and she didn't know him by name, but she'd seen and heard of him.

She spread her wings and flew up to face the two drakons, Tamaska followed in suit.

"Why are you following us?" she spoke in the drakons' tounge. The darker on spoke.

"We are trying to figure out the same questions." his voice was deep.  

"What's he saying?" Tamaska asked. Cailean ignored him. "Umm... Cailean?" Cailean turned to him impatiently.

"Tamaska don't you know it's rude to interupt your elders?" she scolded

"I know but look out there." he nodded toward the horizon. Cailean turned back to look. Out on the ocean was many small figures.

The End

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